The Danger of Having Trees Too Close to Your Roof & Gutter

Trees close to power line hazard
When trees are this close to power lines you’ve got a real hazard. Your house could be at serious risk.

The Danger of Having Trees Too Close to Your Roof & Gutter

A picturesque home often features many a tree surrounding the property, especially in Australia. Not only do they provide shade for your home and garden, but the local wildlife can also build their own homes in the branches. Inevitably, however, your tree will begin to shed its leaves which will fall onto your roof and into your gutters. Gutters and roofing that are left unchecked, full of leaf litter and debris, can quickly cause major problems for your home. On top of that, the danger of branches falling due to old age plants in windy weather also poses a severe threat to homes surrounded by trees. Let’s learn about these dangers and more!

What issues can trees cause to my gutters?

Many issues can be caused by trees growing close to and/or overhanging a home. Leaves and branches can quickly clog gutters, leading to blocked drains, leaks, and damage to the guttering system. Moist, damp leaf litter can also cause rust spots in the gutter, forming large holes that can be costly to fix. During dry seasons, excess leaf litter and debris can also be a massive fire danger (see gutters are fitted with BAL Fire Rated Ember Guard Mesh). Large trees could potentially be knocked over during storms or extreme weather events (much like in the images below).

The danger of trees being too close to your house roof
In this case the entire tree was gradually removed to totally eliminate the issue.

Can trees and plants grow in my gutters?

Yes! Sometimes damp leaf litter is the perfect breeding ground for plant seeds to grow. This can be disastrous for your home, as the roots can damage guttering and even cause structural issues.

A tree is growing close to my roof – what damage can it cause?

Although beautiful, large trees can cause extensive damage to homes very quickly. If a large tree falls on your home, the repairs are extremely costly, and you must pay to have the tree removed first!

Tree too close to roof and gutters
It’s pretty obvious looking at this photo that the roof gutters were going to be destroyed soon if something drastic wasnt done.

A little less extreme than a fallen tree, but still just as concerning, is the issue of clogged gutters. As mentioned above, clogged gutters can cause an extensive list of problems, sometimes even affecting the foundational aspects of the home. That’s a huge problem when it comes to safety and a MASSIVE repair bill.

Types of trees that cause the most problems

Any tree or plant close to your home can drop leaves and branches into your gutters. Even though they may not be deciduous (drop their leaves in winter), leaves can still become old, damaged, or swept off the tree by heavy wind. In Australia, we have quite a few trees that look wonderful in gardens and backyards but can easily create issues.

Some of these trees include:

Pine trees

Pine needles drop all year round, meaning your gutters will need to be kept clean throughout the year. We definitely recommend either clearing pines close to the home or installing a quality gutter guard with the right specs to keep pine needles out.

Liquidambar trees

Liquidambar trees tend to drop their leaves during Autumn as they are deciduous trees. However, the fruit, or conkers, can fall right into winter and make a nice treat for many native bird species. So, not only can the conkers drop into your gutter, but birds can also carry them onto your roof when they’re having one as a treat, AND they can attract birds to build nests in nearby roofing. Not ideal.

Gum trees

If you live in Australia, you know how much of a pain gum trees can be if they grow around your home. They are one of the worst offenders when it comes to blocking gutters, as they drop leaves, bark, and twigs as well.

How can I protect my home and gutters from trees and leaf litter?

Ensure overhanging branches are kept trimmed and tidy, and regularly clean gutters and check for blockages. Leafbusters offers gutter guard protection, a mesh that is designed to work well specifically for your guttering system, allowing water to flow through freely but stopping leaves and debris from falling into your gutter. You can also look into having trees removed before they pose a serious risk to your home. Otherwise, you might end up with a closer view of them than you wanted (and a hefty damages bill to cover)!

Trees too close to house dangerous
At Leafbusters we know full welll the damage done by trees to gutters.

To ask about gutter mesh protection with Leafbusters to help keep debris from trees out of your gutters, get in touch with our friendly team of gutter experts today!

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