Possum Proof Gutter Protection

Possum Proof Gutter Protection
A photo we took of a cheeky Brush-tailed Possum Trichosurus vulpecula (Kerr, 1792) in it’s native habitat.

Leafbusters® trademarked and reinforced gutter mesh products are strong enough to stand up to the punishment that will be sustained when possums run across the roof. Possums won’t just run across the roof, they will also jump onto it from your nearby tree branches. In some cases possums such as the large Brush-tailed Possum or the more agile Ring-tailed Possum will also fall down onto your gutters as they try to climb over more slender tree limbs. Homeowners with Oak Trees and acorns will know the madness that can go on at night as these furry animals compete over every last acorn…. and yes the broken up acorn shell debris will cover your roof.

Frequently Asked Questions about Possums and Gutters

Does gutter guard stop possums?

Yes a high grade gutter guard can stop possums entering your roof. The main offender is the common Brush-tailed Possum Trichosurus vulpecula (Kerr, 1792)

How do I get rid of possums in my gutters?

Take care because remember, this is a native protected animal so we must be gentle. Trimming back trees to make access more difficult is your first line of defence, if that fails other options like Gutter Protection are an option.

Do possums go in gutters?

Yes possums do go into gutters, we have found them nesting also in rainheads.

Possum Poo

Possum poo in the gutter is a real blockage causer and speeds up the process of weed growth. Possum poo cannot penetrate the mesh of Leafbusters because the apertures are smaller. Possums are a tough animal and without our gutter protection in place they may be able to push their way up under your edge roof tiles and nest inside your eaves. Possums take a different approach to roof entry than birds do, they can actually shift tiles and metal sheeting as they jam their way in. Get a better night’s sleep and install Possum Proof Gutter Protection this year!

See the attached photo we took of a cheeky possum who’s out and about at night. Heavily treed areas are of course more likely to have possums trying to get in your gutters.

Possum Proof Gutter Protection should always include:-

  • A full clean up of the relevant area and removal of all possum dung
  • Mesh that has the reinforced selvedge like 2G UltraTech or our new ‘state of the art’ Ember Guards (this means the mesh will not ‘cave in’ like cheaper more flimsy meshes. Brush-tailed Possums can weigh up to 9 kilograms.
  • Trimming and pruning back of trees that are close to your gutter to prevent possums from easily climbing across
A roof and gutter made fully clear of possum poo, rubbish and leaf debris.
A roof and gutter made fully clear of possum poo, rubbish and leaf debris. You can see the Leafbusters® 2G UltraTech system on the old tiled roof. Note, the neighbours shed is still covered in leaves.

Advantages of Possum Proofing your Gutters

  • Sleep better at night as there’s less chance of the possums waking you up
  • Keep your gutters in tip-top shape and increase their strength because Leafbusters will prevent the gutters from sagging down under a possum’s body weight.
  • Teach these native animals to steer clear of homes as this is not their native habitat.
  • Your gutters will remain clear and free flowing meaning you’ll collect cleaner rain water.

At Leafbusters we’ve been providing Bird Proofing and Possum Proofing since way back in 1992, our team of experts are here to help. We will advise you on the courses of action necessary to sort out your roofing pest problems!

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