What are the Different Types of Gutter Guard

What are the Different Types of Gutter Guard

If you have anything to do with the maintenance of a residential or commercial building, you know the importance of keeping gutters clean and free of debris. A clogged gutter can lead to lots of issues including water damage to your roof, foundation, and landscaping, just to name a few. Luckily, we’ve got Gutter Guards to help prevent leaves, twigs, and other bits of debris from clogging up gutter systems, but with so many types of Gutter Guards on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

We’ve put together this guide to help you understand the different types of Gutter Guards, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to having them installed on your property. If you still have questions after reading this, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What is the purpose of having different Gutter Guard types?

Just like buildings themselves, gutters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Depending on the height, purpose and overall design of the structure, the guttering used will vary.

This is why Gutter Guard is offered in many shapes, sizes, designs and colours. We’ve come a long way in being able to make sure your Gutter Guard suits the overall aesthetic of your building, and fits perfectly to the dimensions and design of the guttering system.

under a metal guard
Underneath a metal gutter guard that we cleaned out. This is another “Clipped in” gutter guard. We don’t really recommend Clipped in guards either, but they’re certainly better than some of the other options like Foam or Bottle Brush.

What is the best Gutter Guard in Australia?

Not all Gutter Guards are created equally. We can recommend a few different types that are generally better than others in regards to value for money, how long they last, whether they’re UV resistant and overall effectiveness. It is important to note though that each property should be properly assessed before a Gutter Guard is installed, to account for individual design and environmental factors.

What should you look for in high quality types of Gutter Guard?

Here in Melbourne, where most of our clients are based, it’s no secret that we can be hit with all four seasons in one day. That’s why you want a high quality Gutter Guard that’s UV resistant for those hot summer days, sturdy and well-installed to avoid being blown away in heavy winds, capable of channelling heavy rainfall for the rainy seasons and, most importantly, able to keep leaves and debris out of gutters all year long. You can also find some Gutter Guards that have been specially designed for use in bushfire prone areas, which is handy for many Aussie homes.

Our recommendation for many homes is the Triple-G Gutter Guard System. It’s been developed as a non screw-in option that’s durable, highly customisable, easy to install and specially designed with small holes to catch tiny pieces of debris like gumnuts, but still allow rain water to pass through.

Popular types of Gutter Guards explained

You’ll find many different Gutter Guard types Australia wide, but here are a few of the most popular and what you should know about them…

Foam Insert gutter guard
Foam Insert gutter guards are a “one size fits all” option that normally doesn’t really fit properly at all.

Foam inserts

We’ll start this one off by saying that foam gutter inserts are not one of the gutter protection methods we recommend. They are pieces of foam that are cut to shape and placed in gutter systems in an attempt to keep debris out while allowing water to still flow through. They tend to restrict airflow, making it harder for them to dry out in wetter months, often leading to mould, mildew and rust issues.

Some foam inserts also contain a chemical composite to stop the growth of unwanted weeds in the gutter. If your rainwater runs directly into a tank for household use, onto garden beds, or into nearby waterways, this is dangerous for humans, plants and animals that come into contact with it.

Our suggestion: completely avoid foam guards at all costs!

Clipped in Gutter Guard“. A heavy duty metal guard that has been clipped in. It’s a very strong variety in the picture.

Reverse curve gutter covers

This is one of the less used types of Gutter Guard systems in Australia, though they are quite popular in the United States because they suit areas that see heavy snow. They tend to colour match with the roof, rather than the gutter itself, and sit over the gutter, a bit like a hood.

The science behind them relies on surface tension to allow water to flow over the front of the cover into the gutter, while keeping debris out. In heavy rains and thunderstorms, they tend to be less efficient. They are also bulky which can make them difficult to install and reclean. They’re not a type of Gutter Guard we’d recommend in most cases.
Rolled in systems
This is one of the most popular and effective Gutter Guard systems and has been used in Australia for decades. It’s simple, less disruptive, discreet and less visible from ground level than other Gutter Guard types. These Gutter Guards are readily available and typically come in pre-measured lengths and widths, making them easy to install onto the gutter.

Ski slope style gutter guard Leafbusters
Ski slope style gutter guards will always be your best choice on many roofs. The inventors of Leafbusters® helped devise the technology in this system.

Ski slope style

Leafbusters has played a massive part in developing the technology of this gutter guard type. These guards are very common in Australia. The ski slope style Gutter Guard is what we recommend when a permanent Gutter Guard setup is suitable. They’re installed over the roof edge, onto the gutter, forming a ski slope effect. This means that pretty much any leaves, sticks and other bits of debris just slide right off and onto the ground below. We’ll use screws to attach the Gutter Mesh to the gutter, then slide it beneath the second roof tile or screw directly into the roof to secure it further.

What are the Different Types of Gutter Guard cheap rolled in
A very cheap rolled in gutter guard. We totally recommend against this option. Cheap rolled in meshes are almost always black in colour and made in China.

Metal vs plastic

This is definitely something to consider when it comes to gutter protection. Throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, plastic Gutter Guards were super common, but nowadays, we’re seeing a rise in metal options.

Metal is simply the more sturdy material when it comes to surviving the harsh temperatures, heavy rains and other crazy weather patterns here in Aus.

We’re super glad to say that we have access to 2G Gutter Guard Mesh which is known to be the toughest plastic mesh available, with high quality UV stabilisers. We can also offer the highly durable BAL Fire Rated Ember Guard Mesh.

DIY Gutter Guards

You know that scene in the TV show The Office where Michael is having a crisis, just shouting ‘NO’ over and over again? That’s how we feel when we see DIY Gutter Guard kits for sale in hardware stores.

Installing these types of Gutter Guards can be seriously risky with no real payoff. If you don’t have the know-how, the safety equipment or the budget to be replacing your Gutter Guard frequently, we suggest steering clear of DIY kits.

Hopefully this has helped clear up any questions about some of the most popular types of Gutter Guard on the market. Feel free to get in touch by calling 1300 GUTTER (1300 488 837) or visiting leafbusters.com.au for more info!

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