Technical Data

Gutter Protection Technical Data

The Leafbusters system creates a “ski slope” on the roof, so any loose debris can simply slide off. Leaves, pine-needles, gum nuts (are all fine debris), and other large objects like balls, plastic bags and twigs cannot enter the gutter, block the downpipes or the storm water. With the Leafbusters mesh, nothing really goes into the gutter but the water.

Leafbusters stops the mulching process

Only fine dust and pollen passes through the mesh. Because there is no debris in the gutter, there is no restriction, so when it rains the gutters simply flush clean. Call us on 1300 GUTTER to discuss your needs regarding creating a maintenance free guttering system! It can be done!

The highest priority when installing the Leafbusters system is to add value to the property. Leafbusters will of course protect the gutters and downpipes, it will stop potential damage to roof timbers, fascias and eaves. It will stop foundation damage from overflowing water, and keep the water tightness of your roof! You’ll sleep better with Leafbusters.

Leafbusters are people protectors

By reducing maintenance – you implement a risk management system that keeps people safe because they need not climb ladders or roofs to clean gutters. The ACCC issued a warning that over 80 people died from falls from ladders.

Leafbusters mesh is of the highest quality formula (patented). Leafbusters mesh is designed to endure the harshest Australian conditions and has an expected working life of over 25 years. It has a high-density and high/low density polyethylene formula (patented) which is easily tailored to suit most roof styles.


For bush fire prone areas, we recommend a fire rated Ember Guard.

Our Mesh

At Leafbusters, the mesh we provide is Australian designed and wholly Australian owned.

We currently offer a 10 year guarantee on our materials and 5 years on workmanship. Find out more about this in our guarantee section.

Leafbusters is the “oldest” gutter protection of its type in Australia!

“Who you going to call?” ...LEAFBUSTERS est. 1992