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Dear Leafbusters,

Thank you very much for the installation of our leaf mesh, we are very happy with it and it looks great.

We would like you also to know that Grant was extremely good. He was friendly and worked very hard and late into the evening Wednesday apologising that it wasn’t finished, but he was back ASAP to finish the job.

Grant looked over our roof which he said is your policy, thankfully he did, he found a whole up there which we didn’t know about. Roofers who came to give us quotes said the “job was done very well”.

Again thank you to Grant and to all at Leafbusters,

Yours sincerely,

Peter & Jan Sitch
East Preston, Victoria


I’ve just had Leafbusters gutter protection installed today and I want to pass on to you how impressed I was with your installer Ben. He arrived on the dot of 7.30am as expected and worked non stop doing an excellent job on a large installation. Please pass on my thanks to Ben.

Greg Donnan
Anakie, Victoria

It has been excellent we don’t have to get up and clean gutters any more. lt gives us more time to do other things that need to be done around the house. Safer than climbing ladders.

M. & L. DeClifford
Donvale, Victoria

We started using Leafbusters about 12 months ago (1993). Firstly on a small section as a trial. The University Building was suffering internal water damage due to blocked gutters from surrounding pine trees. The trial was so successful that we have continued to have Leafbusters installed on a number of our buildings as our budget has allowed.

The major short term benefits have been: time savings from continual cleaning out of gutters and cost savings from not having flooding problems from over-flowing gutters. In the longer term I anticipate cost savings due to increased life of our guttering. Leafbusters has been ideal for our location and climate and I am happy to recommend your Leafbusters system to prospective clients looking for a solution.

Jeff Primer – Maintenance Manager, Vic School of Forestry
Dept of Conservation & Environment, Creswick, Victoria

Living in a 2 storey house the annual job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!

A. Durran
Highton, Victoria

A lasting solution that has allowed us to retain all our beautiful trees with the complete peace of mind that our spouting can deal with the most severe downpour. Even when we are away.

J. Foster – Engineer
Ocean Grove, Victoria

From the driveway, the roof and gutters are quite visible. Leafbusters transformed an ugly view of leaves and twigs and junk sticking out of my gutters with their system. The Leafbusters blends in neatly with the house. Thank-you.

Mrs Gunstone
Yallambie, Victoria

We had starlings in the roof and lice coming down the walls. Ever since it’s been put up (1993) it’s been great and neat and tidy too. No more bird problems.

Mrs Banset
Malmsbury, Victoria

Up until now leaf guards have been totally ineffective. My ideas changed when I saw the Leafbusters product.

Pat Murphy
A-1 Disc. Gutters

We have a big flat roof house with 10″ wide gutters and rain heads. There is a beautiful Silver Birch tree in the front and trees all around the property. We have had 20 years of trouble and frustration with the leaves blocking up the guttering and causing water to back up into the house. We were on holiday a few years ago, when Melbourne had a torrential rainstorm; we came home to find 5 or 6 of the rooms rain damaged.

About 40sq of Axminster carpet was damaged, drapes, wallpaper, ceilings and anything that was on or touching the floor was ruined. It was a $10,000 insurance job to repair. The tradesmen had to wear masks to remove the carpets because of the fumes from the mould – it came up in strips. We tried everything, bigger gutters, larger rain heads, extended drainage, and even holes along the outside of the guttering. But with the extraordinary rain we’ve been having, nothing worked.

The leaves blocked the gutter and the water overflowed from the back of the gutter, down the walls and into the house. We had half of the house installed with the Leafbusters and after we saw how effective it was, then had the other half fitted, leaving only a small part of about 14 feet. When it rained heavily, the leaves washed down the roof and into the gutter and blocked up, and we had overflow into the house.

It was only a matter of a handful of leaves. Luckily it wet one room and we were home at the time and attended to it. I’m sorry | didn’t have the whole job done at once. We have now had that 14fi section fitted. Now Leafbusters has effectively sealed off the whole roof area. It took 20 years to get to this stage.

Mr Baker
Balwyn, Victoria

We certainly are benefiting from the Leafbusters especially because of the trees and pine next door, that drop very fine needles and all that rubbish all over the roof. l’m very pleased with it and it is money well spent as far as l’m concerned. lt saves me a job every week.

Mr Keith Worsely
North Caulfield, Victoria

We have been here for 7 years and have numerous Stringy Bark and Mountain Ash trees’ many of which over-hang the house. People say that these eucalypts are not deciduous. Don’t you believe it! They drop their leaves all the time. And every second leaf ends up in my gutters.

I seriously looked at installing a number of leaf exclusion systems and all of them struck me as either: too much trouble to install, too expensive, in efficient or requiring major regular maintenance i.e. removal and cleaning. I came across the Leafbusters system at the Home lmprovement Show (1994) and was impressed with the professionalism of the people on the stand and the price they quoted me to install the system on the house.

In the 8 weeks or so since the installation, I found that the Leafbusters performs as advertised. Forcing the leaves to stay up and blow off and allowing the water to drip through to the guttering as it should. I’ve got no reason to alter my initial reactions to your company and your product and feel very happy to recommend at every opportunity.

Peter & Heather Griffiths
Selby, Victoria

Every windy day would send more leaves, gum nuts and debris into the spouting. I have lost thousands of gallons of water over the years when there has been a heavy sudden storm, and blocked down-pipes couldn’t cope, resulting in overflow. I was instantly impressed with your product, it was the answer to all my problems.

In the rain I went outside with umbrella looking for any over-flow, but all I found was the roar of water gushing down pipes into my water tanks. What a relief now I never have to clean a spouting ever again. The leaves and twigs have blown off the roof.

Beverley Thomas
Ceres, Victoria

Before Leafbusters, gum leaves and small branches ended in box guttering’ around the house. This required considerable labour to keep clean as it entailed removal of the bottom tile all the way around the house.

Thanks to Leafbusters his is no longer a problem. lt has prevented Starlings from entering leaves. This has made for a quieter life for us. I have no qualms about recommending this product.

K. & E. Bond
Colac, Victoria

We are on rainwater at the school. We noticed that since the Leafbusters was installed the water in the staff room taps is better than it used to be.

Srathewen Primary School, Victoria

I am an elderly woman (widow) and had endless hassles with blocked guttering. Spouting running over, climbing ladders to alleviate the trouble. Then Leafbusters came along. lt’s the most wonderful invention. I never have a worry. When I’m absent I have peace of mind.

When l’m home and it is raining it’s like music listening to the water flow down the down-pipe. I also appreciate the care and attention over and above the contract.

Highton, Victoria

The design and fixing of Leafbusters has ensured Leaf-proof gutters and my complete satisfaction!

E. Benbou
Blackburn, Victoria

Very pleased with it, particularly in view of a tree that overhangs that side of the house, leaves and little seeds fall off, and now they just bump off and slide off the roof, unlike in the past they clogged in the gutter. lt’s excellent!

Mr St John
Mount Waverley. Victoria

The pine needles getting into the guttering on both houses and the hay shed were always a worry. I used to cut my hands cleaning the gutters. I have had numerous near falls. lt was so dangerous cleaning the guttering in the rain, but I had to, as we are on rainwater. I never found an instrument to do the job.

I saw Leafbusters at the Geelong Show and was instantly impressed – | could see this would work! Leafbusters is the best thing that has happened to the farm. I have no work and no worries. lt has been up for about a year (1993) and I have not had to do anything since. I don’t have to clean the gutters, and my tanks fill up and I don’t lose any rainwater anymore and it has stopped the junk getting into the rainwater tanks.

I have referred you to my doctor who had it installed and will continue to refer you and your product. Thank you.

Mrs L. O’Donnell
Barwon Heads, Victoria

One of the few products l’ve seen that work. lt’s neat in appearance, durable, versatile and definitely practical. ln my opinion – cost effective.

Bill Boyd – Building Supervisor
Reidwood Builders, Victoria

It’s been 12 months since the Leafbusters was fitted (1993), and I don’t have to climb ladders or get professional help which costs a good bit of money nowadays. I inspected the gutters after the willows had lost their leaves and they looked like new. I noticed that when we had a very heavy rainfall there was no spillage over the top of the gutter.

I am very pleased and will get my large shed done to keep the tank water clean.

Ted Dighton
Drysdale, Victoria

The result is as you promised; the guttering still is completely free of all leaves and other debris. This is certainly a great help to me, particularly in view of my recent heart by-pass information.

I have mentioned Leafbusters to some of my friends and will certainly continue to recommend it at every opportunity. Many thanks again for your excellent friendly service and of course for Leafbusters itself.

Mr L. Matheson
Highton, Victoria

Due to my age, I didn’t want to be climbing up on the roof every few months. Previously I had the stuff that rolls up in the spout. lt wasn’t very good – it caught the leaves and little bits fell through it.

When I took it out to clean, the rubbish fell back in the spout. I like the Leafbusters because it is fitted to the spout and under the 2nd row of tiles, and it can’t move. The leaves can’t get in through the very small holes and they just blow off. I am very happy with the Leafbusters, and my wife is relieved that I don’t get up on the roof any more.

Mr J. Saville
Diamond Creek, Victoria

I was very pleased with the end results. It blended in with the tiles beautifully. Being a gardener I, was also glad to see your tradesman take care when fitting the Leafbusters. There was no mess and no garden damage.

Pauline Curtis
Croydon, Victoria

As a recent client of yours we are happy to have decided to have Leafbusters do the job. And an excellent job they did. Over are the days that we had to go on our roofs to clean up and our worries that our drains were blocked. Thanks for a job well done; we will recommend you to our friends.

Kind regards.

Mr & Mrs Vanderstadt
Ashwood, Victoria

I am so impressed with the performance of your system on the Cuckoo, which is not cheap, however most efficient that I want you to install the Leafbusters to my home. The main difference to those other systems is they try and fix the problem in the gutter and the Leafbusters gets the rubbish off the roof before it gets into the gutter.

As you know, I had the Leafbusters system installed on the Cuckoo Restaurant last year in July. I had constant maintenance problems because of the pine needles, needless to say the maintenance manager had to walk all over the Decramastic tiles which caused damage to the roofing. Since the installation the gutters have stayed clean as a whistle, you can imagine the cost saving.

In September ’95 it snowed – the maintenance manager reported how impressed he was that the snow “slid” off the mesh and did not damage the guttering, yet the guttering on his cottage (which has no Leafbusters) was bent and pulled down from the snow. Leafbusters is a real solution to problems we suffer from leaves and pine needles and it is a brilliant product. I wish you well in your endeavours.

lf you need a recommendation from a happy customer, I am pleased to speak to any prospective clients.

Karin Koeppen – The Cuckoo Restaurant
Olinda, Victoria

For years we have had trouble with birds roosting and nesting in our roof. We spent thousands of dollars to stop them from coming in, without result. We have put steel wool in every hole, but they found out how to remove that. Next step was gutter guard from the hardware shop.

That made it even easier for the birds to get in. Then we found a product “Great Leaf Barrier,” so we installed that and at the same time we had the house fumigated because of lice and silverfish from the nests, We really thought we had solved the problem, but to our amazement the birds outsmarted us again.

We were at our wits end, until we discovered the product “Leafbusters” at the Home & Garden Show in Melbourne earlier this year. lt was installed early June, before the new nesting season started and we have had no problems ever since. The birds really tried to get in again, but this time we have beaten them. We can recommend Leafbusters to anyone.

K. Bowdry
Wantirna, Victoria

Very good, minimized water damage, lowered our maintenance costs and the Leafbusters does what it promises.

Maintenance Manager – Banyule Council
Banyule, Victoria

Leafbusters has made our lives so much easier. Both our house and Tastefully Yours have gutters that are very high and dangerous. Our maintenance man expressed his concern at “risking life and limb.”

We did have a cheaper product in our gutters and he complained his job was actually made even more difficult as the leaves and debris would get stuck in it. He encouraged us to install Leafbusters even though it was doing him out of a job. This has now saved us a considerable amount in maintenance costs.

Living in the Dandenongs we are in a high fire risk area, and now there is no longer any debris in the gutters and they are perpetually clean, this risk is now greatly reduced. One added bonus you give us with the Leafbusters is protection from the snow. Over the years we have suffered a fair amount of damage caused by the weight of the snow sitting in the gutters, but with the Leafbusters mesh over them the snow just slides off.

This is the first year we have not had to repair our gutters. Again, saving us money. Thank you.

June & Tony Templeton
The Dandenongs, Victoria

We are very pleased with “Leafbusters. Autumn has been and gone, winter is supposedly behind us. What a joke if you live in the Goulburn Valley.

This autumn was the easiest I have put in many years since the trees took over the property. Autumn is usually one with continually cleaning gutters and unblocking down pipes, this year one ten minute sweep of the roof to remove the Claret Ash leaves and that was the entire year’s work.

No more overflowing gutters, no unblocking down pipes during storms and no more water flowing through the carport. And the added bonus no more birds (particularly Starlings) in wall cavities. A great change from 5-6 hours on the roof every time gutters need cleaning. Far too old for that type of gymnastics.

We sing ‘Leafbusters” praise to our friends and acquaintances at every chance. Many thanks for a great product and very professional installation.

Allan Brown
Tatura, Victoria

Thank you for an outstanding product, as I can no longer climb up to the roof due to a stroke’ lt is a great relief not to have any more worries about our gutters filling up with rubbish or leaves.

Mr Luscombe
Frankston, Victoria

I would just like to drop you a line to thank you and tell you how pleased we are with the ‘Leafbusters’ which your company installed over the guttering of our home in Blackburn. During a recent severe downpour, we had absolutely no trace of any indoor leakage, which was previously always the case, much to our annoyance.

Your standard of workmanship and courteous service are highly commendable.

G. W. Radda
Blackburn, Victoria

12 years ago after a bushfire scare we fitted Aussie Gutter, claimed to be a leaf free system. The wind would remove the leaves while rain ran into the inner duct. We were told we need never climb a ladder to clean gutters again! It proved to be an abject failure as leaves constantly blocked the gutter and down pipes and water walls ran from the edge whenever we had heavy rain.

After countless attempts to modify this system, which proved harder to clean than conventional spouting, we contacted you and had Leafbusters fitted in March 1996. What a relief – at last the spouting is free of leaves – such a pity about the money we wasted on the special spouting.

We have had a winter 3 months overseas trip (nothing in the gutters on our return) and a long dry summer since installation to really test Leafbusters and now desire to have it fitted to our garage and carport roofs. Would you please arrange a date for measuring and quote for us?

Lance & Judith Lewis
Mt Helen, Victoria

In the bad, bad land of Aust. Where the sturdy gum trees stood dropping leaves like you would not believe. Alas! Leafbusters arrived in town. At last a well-priced product that we believe really works.

Thanks, no more cleaning spouts for this old fella. Yes, worry free. Let Leafbusters do the work. We would also like to make compliment in the way everything was so professional from start to finish. Congrats!

S. & J. Taylor
Kangaroo Flat, Victoria

I take pleasure in bestowing the highest praise in your Bendigo team. On receiving the brochure in a “letter box drop’ the information answered the problem of leaves in guttering, during my absence from home, during autumn and winter months especially.

When contact was made with Nathan, I received prompt, courteous and honest attention. His team arranged for new spouting, where necessary and the work completed so quickly and efficiently that I was just delighted with the standard of workmanship and service, rather rare in this day and age!

I will be pleased to advertised by “word of mouth’ to whoever will listen, and hope others will come to be as pleased with the product and service as I am.

V. Barker
Bendigo, Victoria

There is no doubt that the Leafbusters system is one of the best guttering protection systems currently available on the market. Living in a 2 storey unit, without access to the roof, and surrounded by both deciduous and eucalyptus trees, it is not a luxury but a necessity.

Leafbusters fills the requirement of keeping leaves and twigs out of the gutters and consoles me to know that the prospect of overflowing and blocked drainpipes will not occur.

J. Hamakers
East Malvern, Victoria

ln response to your letter, I did want to take the time to write to you about the gentlemen you’ve chosen to have to install the Leafbusters screens. The two gentlemen who came to our house were by far the most polite, friendly and conscientious workers we have ever had to our house to perform work.

lt was a real pleasure meeting them, and I am certain they could only do the best quality work.

J. Upson
Warrandyte, Victoria

Star Poem

Our roof was really new,
So we thought we’d spend a few
Dollars and get Leafbusters fixed.
I can assure you there are no tricks,
The men came and did the job,
Think one man’s name might be Bob,
It was finished in a flash,
Then they really had to dash,
To the next job, what a flurry,
They’re so busy, better hurry,
Better get Leafbusters quick,
They’ll be there very quick.
No leaves or sparks under our eaves,
Now we feel so relieved,
Now today there is torrential rain,
Our gutters cope without the pain,
As I’ve said it’s very plain,
Leafbusters is the right way to go,
So get on that phone and ring up Jo!

Mrs Alice White
Ferny Creek, Victoria

I am highly delighted with your product. Also the professional attitude of the man who fitted the Leafbusters material onto the roof and gutter. Sorry that I cannot recall his name, though I remember his face well. He was unobtrusive to the household and very helpful in his information to me.

At this time I would also agree with your other clients who say they are enjoying “worry free” guttering. I am a widow, getting older slowly, have a huge Liquidamber tree looking beautiful at this time of the year, but starting to drop leaves profusely. So I am unable to clean out gutters and thank you for your great product.

Laurel Fairhurst

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