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The Original Gutter Guard & Gutter Protection System

Leafbusters is Australia’s pioneering gutter guard and protection system. We are always at the forefront of new developments in the realm of gutter protection.

Cleaning out your gutters regularly can be a miserable job, particularly if you don’t have the time and equipment available. This is why Leafbusters innovated gutter protection by developing newer and better gutter guard technology for Australia and then New Zealand.

Once our mesh is installed, your gutters are protected from leaves, twigs, and all other types of debris. Since 1992 Leafbusters has been committed to innovation, so with our services, you know that your gutters are in great hands.

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Our Story

A History of Innovation...
The early years


Leafbusters was founded in 1992. Originally we started off in the leafy Melbourne suburb of Eltham. The founders of Leafbusters had a love for Aussie bushland, a few years later they moved the headquarters to Olinda in the Dandenong Ranges, east of Melbourne. At this stage there was still a limited choice of gutter guard options on the market.

The company launched with a diamond mesh gutter guard, this was the most effective technology at the time.

Continual innovation


In March 2000, the first batches of 2G UltraTech mesh were developed and quickly surpassed other gutter guard meshes in their durability and protective capabilities.

The founders of the Leafbusters brand were innovators of the industry, and the invention of 2G UltraTech situated Leafbusters as a market leader in both Australia and New Zealand. From 2000 to 2016, 2G was installed on thousands of homes using the permanent screwed, sloping down method. Tradies and plumbers all over Australia were also using 2G gutter mesh for their own roof construction and renovation jobs. Architects were specify, “the roof must have 2G UltraTech installed” in their designs and plans, because they knew there was nothing as effective!

Proud Achievement

From 1992 – 2016, Leafbusters was installed onto 3.5 million metres of gutter.

The Leafbusters plan was to eventually install enough gutter guard to completely circumnavigate Australia !


Gutter guard is a tough industry. At this stage Leafbusters had been installed on thousands of Australian and New Zealand properties. In 2017 Thea Groom and her husband Paul (the founders) were unable to continue the business and their company was forced to close. But their complete dedication to the protection of the trademarks of Leafbusters® paid off, the Leafbusters brand carried on…

The founder, Thea Groom, installing the system she invented

Change of ownership


In December 2019, the Leafbusters® trademark and website was purchased by Grayson’s Gutter Cleaning. Grayson’s have been proudly cleaning gutters since 2001. From the early 2000s, Grayson’s team was always impressed by the quality of workmanship in Leafbusters installations. Leafbusters had set a benchmark that massively influenced the gutter protection industry. The strength of 2G mesh and the attention to detail shown by Leafbusters installers was always educational and inspirational to see.

To this day, Grayson’s still uses the 2G mesh formulation in non-screwed (rolled in) installations. Grayson’s range of options also includes metallic mesh products. For permanent screwed down applications they also have Full-Metal® mesh and for the toughest option possible there is Fire Ember Guard mesh!

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