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NON Combustible Fire Rated Ember Mesh.

Leafbusters recommended Ember Guard mesh
Fire rated gutter guard recommended by Leafbusters

Current Fire Brigade recommendations and building guidelines generally require a non-combustible gutter mesh to be used for “Construction of Buildings in Bushfire Prone Areas”. This means metal gutter guards!

To fully prepare your home for protection against flying embers from a fire storm, you must also as a main form of defense, have clean guttering. An ember falling onto the roof and sliding into gutters full of leaves could catch fire. This fire can enter the roof space and you could lose your home. Strong winds, or even a mild breeze, will force the fire under your roof edge into the ceiling and eaves spaces. Yes the destructive house fire can be born above your living space.

In a fire, approximately 85% of homes are lost due to ember attack. Most of these are from the gutters catching fire. Protect now with the tough Ember Guard that Leafbusters recommends. This Fire Rated Ember Guard Mesh has tiny holes of only 2mm and will give your gutters the protection they’ll need during the next bush fire season.

Leafbusters are founding exhibitors with the CFA at their Fire Survival Expos. The first Fire Survival Expo was held at Montrose Victoria in 1997. The rules and regulations have changed a lot since then, previously Fire Retardant plastic mesh was acceptable, but times change and we’re all learning, CLICK HERE to see the best Ember Guard currently available.

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This can lead to what you see below…
Leafbusters can help to prevent this
happening to you.

What can happen to a house
when burning debris in
gutter catches on fire.