How to Stop Heavy Rain Damaging Your Gutters

How Can We Stop Heavy Rain Wrecking Our Gutters

Rain. It’s something that is often on the mind of many Australians for a range of different reasons. For some, it spells a break in the dry season and allows farms to flourish with growth. For others, it means heavy rains, thunderstorms, and a whole world of hurt.

Heavy rain can have catastrophic consequences to your home if not properly prepared for. Damages caused by heavy rain and storms can affect your livelihood, not just your home. It’s important to ensure you’re properly prepared, well before the heavy rain rolls in.

In this article we’ll be sharing some of our best advice for homeowners, so you have peace of mind and know how to get your home ready in time for the rainy season.

Clean Your Gutters

Cleaning out your gutters should be one of the first things you do to prepare your home for heavy rains. Make sure that your gutters are completely clear by removing any debris, leaves, and sticks. Also, check for any pests that may be living in your gutter and check for any holes they may have caused in the roof, so you know it is completely sealed from water.

Whilst you’re clearing the clutter, check for any leaks or damage to the gutter system and make sure the downspout is clear of blockages. This is super important because a blocked gutter can cause water and debris to clog and overflow. The overflowing water can damage garden beds, paint, and undermine the foundations of your home, if left unchecked.

Lightning strikes over Melbourne skyline during thuderstorm
Make sure your gutters are sorted and clear well before the next lightning and intense storm!

Install a Gutter Guard

Installing a gutter guard will also help you to avoid blocked gutters in heavy rains. Once your gutter is completely clean, a gutter guard will prevent it from becoming full of debris, barring any sticks, leaves, and debris from becoming trapped. Not only that, but it also protects the gutters against pests as they cannot penetrate the tough mesh of the gutter guard. A gutter guard is an easy solution that will also save you from having to constantly check your gutters and keep them clean.

Can’t be bothered doing all of this yourself? Our team of professional gutter cleaners and gutter guard installers and maintenance technicians are more than happy to help! We have a huge range of quality Gutter Mesh options available to protect your home.

Cut Back Trees

If you have a lot of trees surrounding your home, this is a must. Overhanging branches can be a big issue during storm and rain events. Large branches and trees close by, could potentially break off during a storm, causing heavy damage, not just to gutters, but to entire homes.

By trimming trees in your yard and surrounds, you’re safeguarding your whole home and livelihood. You’re less likely to have branches and leaves flying around your yard in the midst of a storm, and far less will end up in your gutters. Branches hanging over and resting on your home may also be adding extra weight to your gutter, potentially causing it to sag. Pooled water in this sagged area can cause issues with rust over time, so make sure to cut away any branches that may be leaning on your gutter system.

Keep the Roof Tidy

In a similar vein to your gutter, ensuring your roof is tidy and free from debris will greatly reduce the amount of rubbish that ends up in your gutter during a storm. Heavy rains can wash debris down your roof where it ends up – you guessed it – in your gutter. Maintaining your roof with regular cleaning and checking for holes or damage will also prevent water from seeping through and into your home.

Overflowing roof gutters
Overflowing roof gutters should be fixed pronto

Keep gutters maintained

Gutter maintenance is a massive aspect of your overall home health. Calling in professionals for regular gutter check-ups, cleaning, servicing and maintenance can help you to identify issues such as sagging and rust before they become a major problem. These issues will be much easier to fix when caught early and can cost you a pretty penny when left unchecked.

The simple, easy solutions listed above can save you an absolute fortune (and a lot of stress) in the long run. Always check your gutter and roof when the rainy season has concluded to assess any damage and make necessary repairs. Your gutters and roof will be thanking you, and so will your wallet!

If you’re interested in having these services provided for you, Leafbusters can certainly help — call us today on 1300 GUTTER (1300 488 837).

Remember, a clean gutter is a happy gutter!


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