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We’ve been seeing a few gutters recently with the types of Gutter Guard that Bunnings sells installed. We thought we’d put this article together to help potential buyers learn about the different kinds of Gutter Guards available at Bunnings and whether it’s actually worth installing them on a residential or commercial gutter system.

Gutter Guard Bunnings done DIY
Example of a clipped in gutter guard done DIY style with a simple pop strainer also added at the end.

What is Gutter Guard and what are the benefits of installing it on a gutter system?

A Gutter Guard is a protective covering that sits over (or inside) gutters to keep leaves and other debris out of the gutter system, helping to avoid clogging, among other benefits. Here are a few reasons why it’s a good idea to install Gutter Guard.

  1. Prevents clogging, allowing water to flow freely through the gutters and not overflow to cause damage to the roof, walls and foundations of the home.
  2. Keeps birds, snakes, possums and other pests out of the gutters and out of the home itself if pest control guards are also installed on the roof.
  3. Helps extend the life of gutters by reducing the amount of damage and wear caused by debris that accumulates over time without Gutter Guards installed.
  4. Extends the amount of time in between gutter cleans being needed, which also helps with safety – having to frequently climb a ladder onto the roof to clean gutters is not a fun way to spend a Saturday and can easily end in injury.

What are the types of Gutter Guards Bunnings generally stocks?

In all honesty, Bunnings Gutter Guard products are quite outdated designs. We’ve come a long way with Gutter Guard innovations over the years but most DIY products are yet to take on the more modern design aspects. Here are a few of the different options of Gutter Guard, gutter mesh and leaf guard Bunnings generally stocks.

Brush Bristle guards for gutters
Brush Bristle guards for gutters from Bunnings

Bristle / Bottle Brush

This type of gutter guard is a definite ‘no-no’ in our books. It is installed by placing it directly into the gutter with the hopes that the bristles will catch leaves and other debris, but all it ends up really doing is inhibiting the flow of water which is what quality Gutter Guards are trying to avoid! The only time we’d be inclined to use one of these is when they’re specially designed to sit on the top of downpipes to stop bigger objects like tennis balls from falling in and getting stuck. The main issue with brush type guards is that the bristles are in full contact with the floor of the gutters, this will slow water flow more and more as debris collects..

old bunnings 180mm mesh
This old 180mm gutter guard was once on the shelf at Bunnings. It was made in New Zealand and was actually reasonable quality compared with the Chinese meshes now on the shelf. We keep this sample in our office for future reference of gutter guard history in Australia!

Generic Plastic Mesh Rolls – 8m x 180mm

We’d say these are the most popular Bunnings Gutter Guard products – you know the rolls of plastic mesh, usually black coloured with only the one sizing option. Though they are the most popular option, it’s because they are usually the cheapest option, but they are one of the worst gutter guards when it comes to quality. The plastics they are made from are flimsy, unstable and unsuited to the heat of our Aussie climate as they’re usually made in China. They don’t last, simply breaking up and falling into gutters over time and the holes are made too big to actually stop most leaves and debris entering the gutter system.
1200mm Colourbond Sheets with Louvred Holes
One good thing about this product is that it’s quite tough and durable, however the downsides of using it do outweigh the upsides. The cost of materials to cover an entire gutter system is very expensive, installation is a difficult process, it is very hard to re-clean and the rough top surface tends to catch too much debris, causing blockages rather than preventing them.

Bunnings Downpipe strainer for gutters
Bunnings Downpipe strainer for gutters. This is likely to blog water flow in the floor of your gutter leading to flooding.

Is it better to DIY install with the Gutter Mesh Bunnings sells or call in professional Gutter Guard installers?

We will always recommend having gutter guards professionally installed, not just because we’re in the business, but because we’ve seen just how bad the outcomes can be when people go down the DIY Bunnings Gutter Guard installation route.

First of all, professionals know the ropes and can make sure the Gutter Guard is installed safely and effectively. It’ll also take the job off your hands – nobody wants to spend the better part of their weekend installing gutter mesh on their home.

The next considerations are quality and cost effectiveness. Professional gutter technicians will use high quality gutter guards from reliable and trusted suppliers that offer customised options to suit each specific home. For example, our Ember Guard Mesh is BAL Fire Rated and highly recommended for homes in bushfire prone areas, as well as homes with pine needle issues due to its fine 2mm hole size, and can be cut to fit the precise size of any gutter. When you go with quality gutter guards with professional installation, the upfront fee is going to be a great investment as you’ll have minimal maintenance to deal with and won’t need a replacement any time soon.

All in all, Bunnings Gutter Guards simply aren’t worth the hassle! If you’d like to chat with a qualified gutter guard installation specialist about having quality gutter protection installed on your home, give us a call on 1300 GUTTER (1300 488 837) today.

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