Why Is It Called Polymesh or Polyguard Gutter Guard?

What is Polymesh & Polyguard Gutter Guard?

If you’ve been looking into installing gutter guard on your home, you may have stumbled upon a few different types of guards made from different materials in your research. Gutter guards come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles to suit the different types of houses and guttering systems, so it’s not surprising that they’re available in a versatile range of materials too. Today we’re going to be discussing one of the most popular gutter guard materials, Polymesh/Polyguard, and where its name actually comes from.

Polyethylene factory for gutter guard
Thea Groom, the founder of Leafbusters, in a polyethylene factory.

Where does the Polymesh or Polyguard name come from?

The reason we call them Polymesh and Polyguard stems from the base material they are made out of. Much like Full-Metal Mesh is named because it is made entirely of aluminium (with a thin powder coating), Polymesh/Polyguard is made from a material called polyethylene. We just take the ‘poly’ prefix and plonk it in front of a new word.

If you look on our Leafbusters website, you’ll see that we specifically refer to our Polymesh/Polyguard products as 2G UltraTech Mesh. Why? Well, ‘poly’ means ‘more than one’. Our 2G mesh is made by combining two layers of polyethylene (a typical polyethylene top layer and a Carbon Black underlayer that is a mix of high-density polyethene and low-density polyethylene) to create a stronger and overall better gutter guard.

What is polyethylene and why is it a great material for use in gutter guards?

Polyethylene is the most common type of plastic in use around the world. It was actually discovered by accident, first in 1898, then again in 1933, and has since been rigorously developed and made into plastic-based products.

It is highly durable and diverse, hence its use in countless productions since its creation.

As mentioned above, when used in our 2G UltraTech Mesh, the polyethylene material is layered together to form a gutter guard that is like no other. Seriously, it’s unique to the market!

The top polyethylene layer is made in a range of different colours including Caulfield Green, Ironbark, Pale Terracotta and more, to suit the appearance of different homes.

The bottom polyethylene layer is special in that it is a Carbon Black layer made of a unique formulation of high-density and low-density polyethylene, which is one of the best UV stabilisers on the market, improving the life span of the mesh for up to 25 years.

Polymesh Polyguard gutter guard installed onto polycarbonate roof
Polymesh gutter guard installed onto polycarbonate roof. This is a custom fit job where the mesh is either fixed to the polycarbonate with silicone or sometimes fixed down with regular saddles and joined to the existing roof screws.

What other materials are gutter guards made from?

Gutter guards are available in many different materials like aluminium, stainless steel, vinyl, copper and nylon.

Throughout the history of the Leafbusters brand, it was found that polyethylene was the preferred material of customers, but we’ve seen a spike in requests for metal mesh guards, so we’ve now added them to our repertoire.

The other materials listed above are generally ok to use, but we’ve found that polyethylene and metal provide the best results, in our experience.

Another type of polymesh gutter guard called Leafscreener 960gsm
Another type of polymesh gutter guard called “Leafscreener 960gsm”

What is the best gutter guard material for my Melbourne property?

When it comes to choosing the best gutter guard material for your property, chances are you won’t go wrong with a polyethylene or metal mesh product, but it always pays to make sure.

You can carry out your own research online, but if you’d like an expert opinion, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll have one of our experienced gutter technicians come out for a visit.

They’ll carefully examine your property, the gutter system, the roof itself and the surrounding environment and provide honest advice as to which gutter guard is going to provide the best results over time.

You can learn more about our range of products, or simply give us a call on 1300 GUTTER (1300 488 837) for a quote or to ask any questions.


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