Prevention of Pest Infestation with a Gutter Guard System

gutter-guardYou should take all effective measures for preventing pest infestation including the installation of a gutter guard system.

Most people do not know this, but a clogged gutter can literally open the door of your home for termites and other types of ants.

These ants are extremely hard to get rid of and can cause serious damage to your house leading to a reduction in its value.

Gutter Guard Clogging and Pests

When you do not have a gutter guard system installed, debris can easily block the rainwater’s way down the drain channel. As a result, it finds a way out down the wall of your home.

It can easily reach the basement. When water gets into a certain material, it causes its expansion. This is particularly applicable to wood.

When the material dries, it does not go back to its previous state and there are some cracks left. The cracks in the timber of your home are the ideal pathways for pests and termites, in particular, to infest it.

The rainwater in the walls of your home will leave small pores in all other materials as well. This will make the absorption of water from the soil much easier.

Termites, which naturally live in damp soil will then easily find and enter your home. Without a gutter guard system, the risk of your house becoming infested by pests is considerably higher.

Termites feed on the timber of your house. As the timber gets damage, the entire structure may go down. It has been found that termites cause more damage to houses in Australia than floods, storms and fire combined.

You can avoid having to replace timber and having to fight the pests continuously just by placing a gutter guard system on your roof. It will prevent leaves from clogging the drain channel.

As the cover is positioned at an angle the leaves, twigs and other materials will fall down swiftly and naturally. As a result, the gutter will be working at its full capacity and no rainwater should enter your home.

Saving with a Gutter Guard System

Typically, home insurance policies do not cover termite infestation and damage. This means that you will have to pay for timber replacement and for repelling the pests out of your pocket.

You can save all of the money that would go for these things just by installing the right gutter protection system.

With a gutter guard system in place, you will protect your home from pest infestation and save money. To get more information, contact us at Leafbusters today!

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