How Gutter Guards Protect the Environment

When you have gutter guards in place, you protect your home and your family.

You protect the environment as well. In fact, with such a system for preventing the clogging of gutters, your home becomes greener in more ways than one.

Read on to discover the many benefits.

Gutter Guards for Clean Water

Have you ever asked yourself what happens to the water that goes through your gutter system? If it uses gutter guards, the rainwater flows quickly from the roof to the ground. It is pure and fresh.

If there is not a protective system in place it will have to go through a mixture of decaying leaves, bird droppings and dead insects and possibly other dead animals.

This mixture produces various kinds of harmful organic chemicals apart from being a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses which can harm your family members.


These harmful chemicals go into the soil and then into water basins such as rivers and lakes.

The problem becomes worse when the gutters are made from metal or from another material which gets damaged easily and produces harmful substances. If rust gets into the water, the water can become dangerous for all living things and not only for people.

When gutter guards are installed, the risk of rainwater contamination is reduced to a minimum. In fact, if you collect this rainwater it will be suitable for household use.

You simply need to place containers underneath the bottom openings of the gutter system and you can have an effectively working rain harvesting system.

Gutter Guards for Saving Energy

With gutter guards, you can save water and consequently energy. It has been estimated that the process of treatment, delivery and warming of water used by an average household on an annual basis consumes as much energy as a large refrigerator consumes for two months.

The energy savings may seem small but the reality is that every bit counts. Besides, the savings accumulate with time.

There are other ways in which you save energy with gutter guards. The ultimate purpose of the protection system is to prevent the damage of the timbers, walls and foundations of your home. It protects the insulation which has been used.

When the structure of your home is in its optimal condition, you will use a lot less energy for heating and cooling. The greater energy efficiency reduces your bills and your carbon footprint as well.

There are long term environmental benefits for using gutter guards. You help with sustainable development and the preservation of the natural environment and its resources for the future generations.

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