No Mould in Homes with Gutter Guards

One of the major benefits of gutter guards is that they can protect your home from mould and from all the dangers associated with it.

Most people do not even realise how dangerous the fungi growing on hard surfaces can be.

They can cause damage to your house and to the health of the people that you love.

However, you can eliminate all of these risks with effective gutter protection.

Gutter Guards Prevent Moisture

Our gutter protection system works very simply. It is designed to prevent debris from falling inside the drain channel and blocking it. As the cover, is positioned at an angle, the debris actually fall down on the ground.

The result is a flawlessly working drain system.

Rainwater will not enter your roof, when you have gutter guards in place. It will not go down the walls creating the perfect medium for mould formation.

If the walls are damp, these fungi will inevitably multiply and spread all over your home. They will cover not only the walls, but also the floors, rugs and furniture.

Gutter Guards Prevent Mould Damage and Protect Health

Mould does not only give a nasty appearance to surfaces. It works to damage them as well. Paint and wood, in particular, are at the highest risk of getting damaged.

It is extremely difficult to remove mould once it has found its place on the surface of an object. Hence, you will have to invest in either rigorous cleaning or in the replacement of the damaged items.

You will not have to go though this trouble if you have gutter guards in place as they will prevent the formation of mould effectively. Just imagine how much you will be able to save in the long term by investing in the installation of a gutter protection system now.

Mould places a serious risk on the health of all inhabitants of the house. Needless to say, the risk is the highest for babies and small children.

When mould spores enter the human respiratory system they can cause sneezing and coughing. The long-term presence of mould can lead to serious allergies.

The sufferers may develop asthma. Their respiratory systems and their lungs, in particular, could be permanently damaged.

To help eliminate this problem, consider adding gutter guards to your home; the benefits are multiple. For more information, contact us at Leafbusters today!

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