Gutter Guard FAQs

1. How does the Leafbusters® Gutter Guard System Work?

The mud that is in your gutters is the accumulation of leaf debris, air borne dust and moisture.  The leaves break down and become “compost” or mud as you see it.

Once the Leafbusters is installed, the leaves and other debris slide off the roof, only fine dust or pollen can get through, so, because the gutter is clear, no leaves or gumnuts in there, once it rains, the dust is flushed down the downpipe.

So, your gutters are clear 24/7. The Leafbusters gutter guard system actually stops the mud happening in the first place.

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2. Why Our Gutter Guards are Plastic Mesh and Not Metal?

Plastic, is inert, in other words it does not cause corrosion. Metal products can cause electrolysis when installed on dissimilar metals.  Electrolysis is an electrical charge when water (or rain) hits the two metals. With plastic mesh you can sleep easy knowing that electrolysis is unlikely.

With two metals, one of the metals might become a sacrificial anode. Or, one of the metals will cause the other to rust if it is steel, or corrode if it is aluminum. The other major difference is the fact that metal does not always conform well or tailor well onto the roof, and it usually has a rougher top. Our Leafbusters 2G UltraTechMesh gutter guards are highly UV stabilised polyethylene mesh.

The Leafbusters mesh has a smooth top, which allows all the water to get into the gutters. The water is clean and usable (for drinking or other uses). The debris slides off quickly. The main feature here is that the debris slides off the roof over the mesh and onto the ground quickly. If debris stays on the mesh (rough top meshes will hold the debris there longer), it allows time for the debris to break down and enter the gutters.

3. How much do gutter guards cost per metre?

Leafbusters is not like other gutter guard protection products, it is a fully tailored system to suit each particular application, your home, your building….Unlike some products that are a one fit “bandaid” measure, our system is tailored to your property in order to fully function in the most efficient way.

The best way to get a cost is to have a measure and quote.  Our consultants will measure for you, and offer advise.  Leafbusters will not install our gutter guard system to your home unless we can guarantee that it will add value to your home and will work effectively and as we promise.

Our guarantees are currently 10 years for our meshes. Leafbusters is a market leader in the gutter guard protection field, Leafbusters innovated the design of the meshes and the installation methods.

In our history we have had a massive success rate in our gutter guard installations with the satisfaction of our clients.

4. How Are Pest and Bird Problems Solved with Gutter Guards?

Leafbusters has a great success rate in stopping pest, possums and birds entering your roof space with gutter guards installed.  Pests enter from the gutter and under the roof.  The gutter guard system is installed to the outside edge of the gutter and onto the roof, which not only allows leaves and other debris to slide off, but also to block entry of pests.

Birds and pests can cause problems in your roof space. Regarding their noise, it is always at night when you are trying to sleep. Pest birds also carry lice.  They lay their eggs in the nests (which attracts rats to come into the roof for the “take-away” food).  The implications of the rats and birds scurrying around the roof with your electrical wiring,  is danger that could cause a roof fire.

Often with a roof fire, it goes unnoticed until it is too late to save the house.  Or even more horrifically, the people inside.  The other pests that could cause you tens, or hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages, is white-ants.  Building Inspectors will often recommend that gutters are clear of leaf matter, to eliminate the problem of white ants.

The back of the gutter is lower than the front, therefore when it rains the gutter has restricted flow to the downpipe, the water flows back into the house, down the walls or some-times with no eaves, straight into the rooms.  The walls become damp at the top which causes capillary action for moisture to come up the wall from the ground.

Moist ground is the perfect environment for white ants to thrive.  There is many many cases where a home could not be sold, or the building inspector has told his client (who would be the prospective purchaser) not to purchase the house as it is infected so badly by white ants, that it does not have any value…..

5. Gutter guards for flat roofs vs pitched roofs: explained

The Leafbusters gutter guard system works efficiently with pitched roofs. The leaves and debris slide right off the mesh and onto the ground. With flat roofs the leaves fall onto the roof, and because there is no “gravity” they will stay on the roof and mesh.

However, flat roofs are notorious for internal flooding. The Leafbusters system fixes that problem with a great success rate.  The gutters can now flow with full capacity and you will have no more flooding problems, like trying to clean those gutters, most of which are so close to the roof edge that you cut your hands doing so.

The installation of the Leafbusters gutter guard system onto a flat roof, will reduce your maintenance to very very little. Simply sweep or blow the debris off your roof and mesh 2 or 3 times per year.

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Living in a 2 storey house the annual job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!

We sing Leafbusters' praise to our friends and acquaintances at every chance. Many thanks for a great product and very professional installation.

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