My Leafbusters Gutter Guard Needs to be Cleaned & Fixed

Does your Leafbusters Gutter Guard need to be cleaned or fixed?

We often get asked the question, “My Leafbusters gutter guards needs to be cleaned or fixed, what should I do?”

Rest assured, our staff are very experienced at servicing old gutter protection systems. All gutter guards will eventually need some maintenance, but that said, Leafbusters 2G UltraTech systems are generally very low maintenance when compared with many other gutter meshes on the market.

Continue reading for more info about a full restoration of your gutter guard and how we do it…

Making sure the Leafbusters angle trims are straight
Making sure the Leafbusters angle trims are straight before reattaching them to the gutter.

The process is as follows:

  1. The screws holding on the gutter mesh and the angle trims to your gutter are unscrewed.
  2. The gutter mesh is lifted back, so we can remove the dirt and debris from inside the gutter.
  3. Wherever possible, we also clear any waste that’s on top of the roof tiles and underneath the mesh.
  4. After flushing the gutters out to dislodge the remaining silt, we carefully screw back down the gutter mesh to the gutter edge.
  5. If necessary, we add extra screws to reenforce the gutter guard fit.
  6. For older systems, some minor repairs are usually carried out to patch up any splits. We use matching-coloured parts during repairs to gutter guards.
  7. For tiled roofs, we can re-apply silicone to the end joins in the gutter mesh (this is normally necessary if the system is 10+ years old).

Some things to be aware of with Leafbusters gutter guard maintenance:

  • Gutter guards should be visually inspected at least once a year.
  • If you have valleys on your roof, the bottom of the valleys should be swept clear of leaf build up before they get too clogged.
  • Most Leafbusters need a full restoration service after about 10 years (but we have seen 20 year old Leafbusters that still have almost zero debris underneath the mesh).
  • Because the strands are thicker on Leafbusters polymeshes, you won’t be able to see through the mesh from a distance.
  • Only professional licensed tradespeople should be allowed to touch your Leafbusters.
  • Don’t listen to inexperienced gutter cleaners who tell you the whole system should be removed, often they’re just trying to make their own job quick and easy.
This was a repair job where we are reinforcing Leafbusters with new saddles
This was a repair job, where we are reinforcing Leafbusters gutter protection with new saddles.

Some of the other gutter guards we clean out are:

  • Insert Foam gutter guards – if fully clogged up, these foam inserts may need to be binned and placed in the rubbish.
  • Rolled in systems – usually the easiest to clean.
  • Clipped-In Plumbers guards – removing clipped in gutter guards ranges from easy to difficult.
  • Bottle Brush gutter guards – this involves using friction to break the dirt free from the bristles of the product.

The Leafbusters® trademark is now owned by leading Melbourne Gutter Cleaners, Grayson’s. With 20 years of experience in gutter cleaning, we best know how to clean out your Leafbusters or similar gutter protections.

To obtain a cost estimate for maintenance of your gutter guard, call us now on 1300 GUTTER (1300 488 837)

New Leafbusters installation tiled roof
Leafbusters installation on a tiled roof. Our staff are carefully finishing off the valley join.


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