How Much Does Gutter Guard Cost?

Gutter guard installations vary in cost between each home or business. The price is usually quoted per metre, but some gutter guard installers may have other fee methods.

Here at Leafbusters, our aim is to ensure you get the best possible value for quality gutter protection. So, our pricing for an original Leafbusters 2G system starts at around $40/metre.

Keep reading to learn more about how much gutter guards cost and to find out how our cost-effective Leafbusters pricing works.

What different elements can affect the price of gutter guard installation?

There are a few varying factors that can impact the price of having gutter guards installed on a building. Here are a few of the main factors most gutter guard installation teams will consider when putting a gutter guard quote together…

1. What does your existing gutter situation look like?

Before we can provide an accurate quote, our team will take the time to inspect your existing gutters to find out the length and the type of guttering system that’s in place.

The length of gutters will play a huge role in determining the overall cost of gutter guard installation. Knowing the type of gutter, will help us to make the best decision as to which type of gutter guard will be the best fit and how much that particular product will cost.

If you don’t know the length or type of your gutter, that’s fine. We will figure it all out for you before we get started on the installation.

2. Decisions, decisions…

Just for some background information, Australia’s most common gutter type is the quad gutter, but there are a range of other scenarios to consider. The gutter and roof type will be something to take into account. For example, if your quad gutter has external brackets and it’s a slate or shingle roof, the Triple-G gutter guard system will likely be your most cost-effective option. On the other hand, Box gutters are more suited to permanently screwed down gutter guard systems. It all depends on the individual circumstances.

When it comes to gutter length, most Aussie homes will have between 50-80 metres of gutter to protect, but smaller homes may have less than 50 metres and larger homes could have 100+ metres. Again, it’s all dependant on the unique circumstances of the property.

3. What condition is your roof currently in?

Our Leafbusters team will also need to inspect the condition of your roof to figure out whether the installation is going to be a straightforward process or a little more difficult to complete.

If your roof is quite steep (over 30 degrees), installation becomes more complicated. We generally recommend Triple-G gutter guard for difficult installations due to its versatility.

The same logic applies to how many valleys and hips your roof has, as well as whether it is tiled or metal. Different gutter guards will work better with different types of roofing. It’s all about finding the winning combination.

4. What type of gutter guard do you want for your property?

Are you looking for a permanently fixed gutter guard or one that is a little easier to remove? Would you prefer a particular colour of gutter guard to match your home? All of these questions come into play as additional factors to consider because ultimately, you are the one who needs to be happy with your gutter guard choice.

5. Are gutter guards worth it?

Absolutely! Gutter guards are a fantastic option for almost all residential and commercial properties. They help save time, effort and money when it comes to gutter cleaning, reducing the need for regular gutter cleaning by sitting over the gutters and keeping the bulk of the leaves, sticks, pests and other debris out.

They last a long time and while they do require some maintenance over the years, they provide a level of protection for your gutters and your home that is simply priceless.

How much does Gutter Guard Cost?

Leafbusters Gutter Guard Pricing

For gutter guard installation, Leafbusters is a trusted name and has been for many years. We’ve always strived to provide a high level of service, quality products and affordable pricing for our clients.

As mentioned previously, our minimum pricing sits at around $40/metre for a Leafbusters style gutter guard install. $40 per metre is a  discounted rate that only applies to very easy access jobs (from scaffolding). Generally, quotes can range up to and above $65 per metre. For more complicated jobs like smaller sections of unique channels and box gutters, the price may be as high as $150 per metre.

Always remember, there’s plenty of protection options to suit a variety of gutter systems, and this will always affect the quote amount.

It’s important to note that our quotes will always include the fees for labour, materials, GST and any gutter cleaning required, so you’ll never be hit with hidden costs. Upon arrival at your site, we will provide you with an exact quote before the work commences. We prefer a completely upfront and transparent approach.

If you need gutter guard installation in Melbourne or want to engage a team of friendly gutter cleaners, feel free to reach out via 1300 GUTTER (1300 488 837) or visit the contact page on our website.

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