Gutter Guard Systems and Saving Water

Installing a gutter guard system has many different benefits. One of them is more efficient water conservation.

Collecting rainwater drained via the gutter system has been done for years in many of the desert and grassland regions of Australia where water is harder to come by.

However, more and more people in all parts of the country realise the importance and benefits of this activity.

Collecting More Rainwater

By collecting and using rainwater, you will not only save considerably on your utility bills. You will help for the preservation of the natural supplies of water, which become scarcer by the day.

Basically, by making your small contribution you will improve the wellbeing of everyone in your area and of the future generations. You certainly may be asking yourself how a gutter guard system can help you with rainwater collection and water conservation in general.

When you have a gutter guard system in place, more rainwater will go down the drain channel and into the tank where it gets collected. Since there will be no debris clogging the channel, you can expect to have much more rainwater at your disposal. You can use it more efficiently to water the plants in your garden and to wash your car. Leafbusters materials are inert, they don’t cause runoff of chemical contaminants.

Collecting Cleaner Rainwater

Without protection, the debris that fall on your roof gutter will remain stuck in it. This will create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and harsh pathogens. Inevitably, these tiny organisms will go into the rainwater which you collect for domestic use. This may lead to health problems. If you’re running a filter system for your raintank water, it will block up quickly if the water is silty.

If there’s a quality gutter guard system in place, it will allow for the leaves, twigs and other plant material to just slide down on to the ground. The drain channel will be perfectly clean. The same applies to the rainwater that travels to the tank in which you collect it. When the water is clean, you will be able to use it for many more things than just plant irrigation and car washing.

The rainwater collected when a gutter guard system is in place can be used safely indoors. You can use it to flush your toilet, to clean your house and to wash your clothes. It is safe to use even for showering and bathing. If you use rainwater for all of these activities and in the garden, you will be able to save as much as 99 per cent of the mains water supplied to your home. This can save you thousands of dollars a year.

Installing a gutter guard system will help you save water, protect your house from damage and prevent you from the dangerous job of cleaning the drain channel yourself. It is certainly worth it.

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