Gutter Protection for Fire Prevention

It is impossible to understand the benefits of gutter protection without realising the risks the piling of debris in the drain channel poses to your property and to your family.

The truth is that using a gutter guard system can protect your home and the people in it from fire as well as from water.

This is a huge advantage to have given that fire is one of the most destructive forces of nature.

Gutter Protection and Dry Vegetation

No region in Australia is totally safe from bushfires, even though in recent years Victoria has suffered the most damage and human victims. One of the major problems is that the fire can quickly spread from the wild to the homes of people.

It has been found that over three quarters of the homes affected by this natural disaster catch fire due to ember attack.

When a burning ember falls onto a surface that burns easily, the fire is quick to spread. Dry vegetation collected inside gutters burns extremely easily and the fire can easily affect the other structures of the house.

The cover which goes over the channels is designed not only to prevent the debris from falling inside, but also to allow the large pieces to slide down naturally. The cover is positioned at an angle following the angle of the roof.

As a result, leaves, twigs and other vegetation pieces slide down forced by gravity and by the wind.

Gutter Protection and Building Materials

Given the high risk of bushfires in most parts of Australia, smart builders (and homeowners) have started use construction materials which can stop the spreading of fire. Such materials are now used in gutter protection systems as well — see our recommended Ember Gutter Guard installer.

You can see how gutter protection can work to protect your property and the people that you love in more ways than one. This is an added benefit which you receive in addition to the protection from rainwater which can damage the roof, walls and timber of your house.

In general, you make an investment which will give you peace of mind that the most important things will be safe.

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