Gutter Protection to Keep Away Pests

gutter-protectionThe main job of gutter protection systems is to prevent rainwater damage to the structures of the house and to keep leaf debris out.

However, a reliable system made from a strong weatherproof material can do a lot more. One of its major benefits is protection from pest infestation.

Find out how it works to protect your property and the people that you love from unwanted visitors.

Gutter Protection: Blocking the Way of Birds and Possums

The typical gutter guard system uses strong plastic or metal mesh with tiny holes for rainwater precipitation. This mesh is firmly attached to the roof and to the outer lip of the gutter. That way, it forms a barrier on top of the gutter. This barrier is strong enough to prevent birds and possums and other rodents from entering the attic of your home via the roof.

The gutter protection system will make your roof less attractive to these pests as well. It prevents the accumulation of leaves and the formation of water pools in the gutter. As a result, there should be less insects to attract birds, which feed on them. As birds will not nest in the gutters, their eggs will not attract rodents.

When your home is effectively protected from these pests, you can have peace of mind that they will not cause damage to the roof and attic and bite through cables and cause fires. More importantly, you and your loved ones will not be exposed to the viruses and bacteria which they carry.

Gutter Protection: Preventing Ant and Termite Infestations

When the protection system is in place it works effectively to prevent water from creeping down the walls to the basement of your home. The rainwater will be drained effectively via the gutter system, which will work at its optimal capacity. This will prevent the accumulation of moisture in the foundations of the building. This is crucial for preventing ant and termite infestation.

As you know, ants and termites are attracted to moist soil and structures. Furthermore, they can easily find their way into a building which has cracks in the basement structure and in the walls due to rainwater.

Once they are inside the house, they can easily destroy timber structures and wood furniture in addition to causing serious mess. Another problem comes from the fact that these pests are really difficult and expensive to get rid of.

At this point, you can clearly see the importance of gutter protection for preventing pest infestation. When you have such a system, the risk of pests causing damage to your home and harm to your loved ones is greatly reduced.

For more information about keeping pests away with gutter guard protection, contact us at Leafbusters today.

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