Why Country Houses Require Gutter Guards

The tranquillity, the beauty of the surrounding landscape and the clear blue sky are among the major reasons why Australians love their country houses.

If you own a rural property, you should certainly consider protecting it with gutter guards. You will get numerous benefits with this investment.

Gutter Guards: House Protection and No Maintenance

The mechanism which the gutter guard system uses to work is very simple yet highly effective. The gutter mesh covers the whole gutter from under the roof to the outer lip. It is installed so that a slide is created.

That way, leaves and other debris particles simply slide down and fall on the ground. Only rainwater gets inside the channel through the tiny holes on the mesh. As a result, your gutter system will work effectively to drain rainwater at all times.

Your country house will be perfectly well protected from rainwater damage with the installation of gutter guards. All timber structures will remain solid and strong. You will not have to spend money on costly repairs. Your house will remain safe and beautiful.

The gutter guards that you install will provide protection from birds and rodents and from different kinds of pest insects including ants and termites. These animals can cause considerable damage to the structure of the building. The birds and rodents, in particular, can spread dangerous disease. They can cause accidents including fire if they chew through electrical cables.

Once the gutter protection system is installed, you will no longer have to clean the gutters as often. You will save time and effort. More importantly, you will reduce the risk of someone getting injured.

Gutter Guards: Fire Protection

A gutter protection system can protect your country house from flying embers. As you certainly know, rural properties are at greater risk of wildfires because of their location. At the same time, it is more difficult for fire brigades to reach these properties. For these reasons, the installation of such a system is crucial. See our highly recommended Ember Guard here!

If a flying ember falls on the gutter mesh, it will be more unlikely to cause roof fire due to the mesh being non-combustible. Since there will be less vegetation debris on top of the mesh, it will be more difficult for the ember to start a house fire. It will just sizzle out. This way, your country house will be effectively protected.

You can be absolutely certain that the gutter guards which you install on the roof of your country house will continue to do their job well in the long term. They are water resistant and UV resistant as well.

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