Leaves on Roof Causing Leak

Leaves on Roof Causing Leak

Melbourne has certainly copped it recently in terms of horrific weather and property damage. Our thoughts are with our fellow Melbournians, especially those in the Mount Dandenong, Gippsland, Central Highlands and Yarra Ranges regions who took on the brunt of the storms and are still struggling without power and water.

A quick Google search for “Mt Dandenong damage” will show houses crushed and roads blocked by huge trees. Social media accounts of people affected by the storms show howling winds and leaves strewn everywhere. It’s a mess. It’s going to take a lot of clean-up efforts from businesses like ours to help remove branches and leaves from guttering and roofing, so please reach out if you live in these affected areas.

Tall trees in the Dandenongs

With this in mind, let’s talk about how a build-up of leaves on roofing can cause leaks and why it’s important to prepare your gutters properly for the prospect of stormy weather.

How do leaves cause leaks on a roof?

There are a few ways in which leaves can cause leaks on a roof…

The obvious answer is a clogged gutter. When leaves build up, especially after stormy weather and powerful winds, they tend to bunch together in gutters, causing downpipes to clog and gutters to run over. When this happens, where does the water go? Out onto the roof or down the sides of the home. A build up of water is different to an occasional rainy day or stormy weather. A build up of water will begin to seep through roofing and walls, causing leaks inside the home.

If the water build up is particularly bad, mould will begin to grow, which is another way leaks can appear. Mould is a type of fungus that can eat away at and weaken wood and other materials in homes over time. This usually ends up meaning leaks aplenty!

Can built up leaves on roof damage a home?

Absolutely! As mentioned above, leaves can cause serious roof leaks in different ways. From roof leaks, other damage can occur in homes, sometimes adding up to thousands of dollars of repairs.


When leaves cause leaks to happen, cracks can start to appear in the walls and ceiling from where water has accumulated. This can cause severe structural damage to a property and may also allow access for rodents and other pests to enter the building.

Broken guttering

Another form of damage that a build up of leaves on a roof can lead to is broken guttering. When a gutter or downpipe is blocked, its capacity to guide water down and away from the home is compromised. Where does the water go? Nowhere. It sits in the gutter, the weight of it getting heavier and heavier with each rainfall, until it can’t take anymore. The guttering or downpipe bursts, ending in a flooded yard, damaged home and lots of costly repairs needed. A good quality gutter guard actually helps hold the gutter upright!

Foundational damage

It’s crazy to think that a few built up leaves can cause such destruction, but it doesn’t stop there. A leaf blockage in guttering can even cause foundational damage to a home and cause it to sink into the ground. Flooding at the base of the home caused by gutters overflowing with water is a common cause of damage in wooden and concrete stumps, and concrete foundations. Foundations can crack and become deformed, causing the home to sink. Wooden stumps are often left weakened when plagued by constant moisture. A few stray leaves can be the difference between a safe, structurally sound home and a home that is unliveable. The benefits of keeping gutters clear are worth it!

How to avoid leaves on a flat roof?

Avoiding leaves on a flat roof is like trying to avoid the sun in summer. It’s almost impossible. The best you can do for flat roofing is to install a gutter guard that is made specifically for the type of guttering on the roof and have them maintained regularly to remove any leaves that may build up that aren’t simply blown away in the wind.

How to clean leaves on roofing?

Cleaning leaves on roofing is one of those jobs that should be left to the professionals. Both for safety reasons and to ensure the job is done properly. You can see now why keeping roofing clear of leaves is of the utmost importance for both residential and commercial properties, so why risk it?

A professional roof gutter cleaner will not only know where leaves are most likely to build up, but they will know the best ways to remove the leaves and dispose of them.

It’s always a great idea to ensure roof is properly maintained, but when we consider leaves in our gutters causing leaks in our roofing, the best offence is a good defence…

How to prep your home for storms causing leaves on roofing?

Prepping a home for stormy weather shouldn’t be a once off thing. You should be considering the safety of your home and its ability to withstand heavy winds and rains all year round.

The best things you can do to combat leaves on roofing causing leaks and damage to gutters are…

  • Install a high-quality gutter guard or leaf mesh to suit the guttering on your home.
  • Have the gutter guard regularly maintained, as per the guidance of your gutter professional.
  • Regularly clean your roof to remove excess leaves and debris that may have built up.

Here at Leafbusters we can help keep your gutters flowing free and clear all year round. Our patented gutter guards and leaf meshes are of the highest quality to make sure your home is always protected from leaks, pests and leaf build up.

Get in touch today and we’ll help clear your gutters from the debris that has been left by the recent nasty weather across Melbourne. We can also offer installation of our gutter guards to help prepare your home for future stormy weather.

Simply fill out the contact form on our website or call 1300 GUTTER to speak with Leafbusters today!


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