Gutter Guard – Protection from Birds and Rodents

gutter-guardUnfortunately, the activities of animals, even if they are beautiful and friendly like most birds, can be detrimental to your property and possibly to the people living in it.

With a gutter guard system in place, many of the risks can be eliminated or considerably reduced. It is worth looking at how animals can cause damage to your home and how this can be prevented with the use of gutter protection.

Gutter Guard Rodent Protection

Rodents and rats, in particular, can infest your house not only through the basement. They can climb up the gutter system and enter through the roof.

It is common for rodents to be attracted to the drain system if other animals have left food there. Once they find their way in the house, you can expect them to remain there for as long as they can find food and this should not be very hard given that these animals feed even on paper.

A gutter guard will cover the entire opening of the drain channel. In fact, the mesh goes from the edge of the gutter onto the roof where it is attached in between the shingles or with the help of metal clips.

Basically, there is no way in which any mouse, rat or other rodent can get inside your home from the gutter.

Gutter Guard Bird Protection

Birds find gutter entry extremely attractive for laying their nests. This is because by entering the drain systems and invading your eaves they are  offered natural protection from the elements and from predators.

Even though these creatures are charming, they can leave rubbish everywhere and distort the look of your lovely house. Sometimes birds can spread disease as well. When birds lay eggs, this food can attract other animals including rodents.

When you put a gutter guard system in place, the risk of a bird nesting inside the drain channel will be reduced. As the cover goes over the entire gutter, there will simply be no space for the bird to settle in.

You will have a nice and clean house and your pets and family members will be protected from possible health risks.

A gutter guard system will give you protection from all kinds of wild animals including possums which can sometimes cause greater trouble than common rodents and birds.

To get more information on how pest control works with gutter guard, contact us at Leafbusters today! Feel free to view our partner website LEAFSCREENER®️ where we have additional info on the proud history of leaf gutter protection in Australia!

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