Gutter Guard History in Australia

The developments in gutter guard technology are amazing to look back on. One can only wonder, how far back in construction history does the concept of using a separate object to stop leaf entry go? There are so many things that can unfortunately end up in the gutters. In some parts of the world, gutters can even be filled up by volcanic ash, if there’s a nearby eruption; but this is unlikely to be a problem in Australia.

In the 1990s and early 2000s, the general belief was, that only plastic gutter meshes could be properly moulded into place with the roof edge. Back in the old days of the early 90s, many installers were using a plastic mesh called “oyster mesh.” It was called “oyster mesh” because it was also used in fishing nets. Leafbusters helped to develop newer and stronger gutter meshes specifically designed for gutter guard.

In 1997 Leafbusters won a Fair Trading award for excellent dedication to service. Back then, almost every quality gutter guard being installed in Victoria was a Leafbusters! There are countless roofs in Australia and New Zealand that have Leafbusters protecting the gutters.

Leafbusters at HIA Home Show Melbourne 2011
Thea from Leafbusters doing another interview about gutter guard!

The very peak of Leafbusters successful installs was between about 2008-2012. In that time, truck loads of gutter mesh were rolling in to the Leafbusters warehouse every month, for professional processing by Leafbusters staff.

A Leafbusters gutter guard on a corrugated roof
A Leafbusters gutter guard on a corrugated roof

Today, Leafbusters is under new ownership and we always strive to match the fitting quality of our predecessors. Gutter mesh is something that is always evolving, there are now plenty of metal meshes available that are worth consideration. But the fixing materials used, such as screws, saddles and angle trims have basically stayed the same.

We carefully select our new silicones, screws and saddles, and we take them back to the new Leafbusters storage zone to compare their suitability with the old samples of what was originally used. We conduct tests on these new items of hardware to ensure they’ll be acceptable. Items of potential hardware that are deemed unsuitable, are kept in an “examples” box for future reference.

Gutter Guard Inventor
Our friend Peter from LEAFSCREENER, with the famous inventor Michael Sichel. Sichel is credited as being the inventive mind behind the modern ski-slope gutter guard system.

The concept of the permanent ski-slope gutter guard system, is the greatest invention in the history of gutter guard in Australia; but that invention itself is always developing with the introduction of new gutter meshes. We are constantly researching new gutter guards and fixing parts to ensure that we maintain the highest quality gutter protection that is reasonably possible.

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