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Being a homeowner, maintaining the value of your home is one of the difficult challenges you have to deal with over time. You can’t avoid spending a sizeable amount of money for repairs, whether it’s a leaky faucet and water pipes or an air conditioner not functioning properly. However, there are things you can do in order to lessen the number of repairs you have to do around the house.

Start with bird proofing.

It seems like birds are harmless creatures. However, they tend to live on the most adventurous places or channels. Aside from living on trees and bird houses, some birds love to build nests on chimneys, attic vents, and gutters. With birds living undetected around your gutter, it might cause serious damage to the structure. How? Excess debris from their nests will prevent water from passing through the gutter, this will eventually cause flooding around the base. During the winter, it can cause ice and icicles to form which can tear the gutter from the roof.

So, what is the best solution? What is an effective bird proofing method? The best way to bird proofing your home is by installing our gutter guards. These will help repel leaves and other debris from getting stuck on the gutters and at the same time, it will deter prospective nesters from lurking in these places. Installing gutter guards for bird proofing will make your gutters free from small insects and seeds that usually attract birds and other creatures to live inside these channels.

The Advantage of Bird Proofing Your Home

Installing gutter guards is often the best bird proofing system for your home. Here are some of the reasons why you should install gutter guards to bird proof your home:

  1. Prevents damage. Pests are not attracted to homes with gutter guards since seeds and insects are eliminated from the channels. The mesh cover will prevent the birds from getting inside the channel to build a nest. Now that the gutters are clean and clog free, they will only require basic cleaning without major repairs.
  2. Saves a lot of money. Aside from providing bird proofing protection, installing our gutter guards offer monetary benefits because it does not require operational costs. There’s less need to clean and repair them once properly installed. Aside from that, these products can last for more than 10-25 years, providing you with long-term benefits.
  3. Increased Home Value. A well-maintained home will have a higher value and will attract a lot of potential buyers. Installing an effective bird proofing system will help protect the house from potential damages that birds and other creatures may cause, this will increase its value in the market. What does it mean? The increase in the value of your home will allow you to make greater use of its equity. Enjoy your retirement in comfort!

It’s time to bird proof your property. The nest, the droppings and the destruction on the foundation of your home as well as the diseases they carry might cost you thousands. Fight back by bird proofing your property. There are different ways and techniques to install our gutter guards.

Leafbusters can offer more information about bird proofing, just call us today!

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