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job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!
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2G UltraTechMesh Gutter Protection

Introducing the 2G UltraTechMesh Industrial Quality Food Grade Mesh with Carbon Black TM strength. Your colour choice on top, with strength and durability built in, facing underneath. Comes with a 20 Year Manufacturer’s guarantee.

The Leafbusters gutter protection mesh is the only truly, High Grade Premium product with co-polymer materials including carbon black.

What could be more natural than carbon? In water filtration, you pass water through a carbon filter to purify it.

The formulation gives the 2G UltraTechMesh longevity with an expected service life of 25 years.

The 2G UltraTechMesh has unique gutter protection features that include:

2G UltraTechMesh Gutter Protector Specifications

  • High Grade - Virgin Materials. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)
  • Longitudinal strand: HDPE/LDPE mix co-polymer with Carbon Black Transverse strand: HDPE
  • Tensile Strength - testing with Instrom - ave: 241N
  • Guarantee: 20 year manufacturer’s guarantee against UV breakdown and tearing.
  • Longitudinal Aperture: 2.7mm
  • Transverse Aperture: 4.7mm
  • Longitudinal Strand Thickness: 2.0mm
  • Longitudinal Strand Width: 2.7mm
  • Transverse Strand Thickness: 1.5mm
  • Transverse Strand Width: 1.7mm
  • Colour Range: Black, Caulfield Green, Karaka Green, TerraCotta, Ironbark, Heritage Red, Pale TerraCotta, Gull Grey, Beige, Slate Grey, Rivergum, Mountain Blue
  • SEFR (Fire Rating 2 AS 3959
The 2G gutter protection mesh is available in the following colours (colours shown as approximations):

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