What Makes Plastic The Ideal Material For Gutter Guards

The purpose of gutter guards is to protect the drain channel from debris, which can block it and cause rainwater to overflow and damage important structures of your house.

However, this is not the only thing that you would want from the protection system installed on your gutters.

It has to last for long and continue to serve its purpose well in the long term. This is possible only with the ideal material for this type of construction system.

Plastic Gutter Guards Will Not Rust

Plastic does not rust. Gutter guards made from this material will not get damaged by the water flowing though them. This means that they will continue to serve their purpose for decades to come. The rainwater that flows though the system made from plastic will be perfectly safe to use for gardening, clothes washing and even for showering. This will not be the case, if there are rust particles in it. These can damage metal structures such as pipes and water taps and can pose health risks

Plastic mesh can even be stronger and more durable than metal mesh. Plastic will not easily bend or get damaged if pressure is applied on it and this is not the case with metal. A deformed metal piece can pose great danger to animals and people.

Gutter Guards With UV Protection

Plastic can be effectively protected from UV radiation. With time, the UV rays of the sun can damage literally every surface that is exposed to them. Unlike metal, plastic can receive a UV stabiliser that will protect it effectively from damage and destruction. The latest Leafbusters gutter guards have Carbon Black, which is one of the best UV stabilisers currently in use. You can be certain that they will continue to work flawlessly for years.

Plastic is less expensive compared to metal. This is not because it is inferior, but because it is artificially created while metal is naturally occurring and scarcer. Furthermore, plastic gutter guards do not require as much maintenance so you will save even more money with them. Metal pieces exposed to the elements, on the other hand, require regular application of coating that will have to become more frequent as time passes. This is not only costly, but also time and effort consuming.

It can be safely said that plastic gutter guards are the preferred option given their specific purpose.

Contact us for more information about the great benefits of plastic gutter guards.

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