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About Leafbusters - The Original Gutter Guard & Gutter Protection Company

Established in 1992 the Leafbusters Company is all Australian owned and operated. We are the original gutter guard and gutter protection company and developed the new standard in gutter protection.

Original Invention - Gutter Protection for the 21st Century:

Leafbusters are the original inventors of their ski slope design of gutter protection which revolutionized the gutter guards and gutter protection industry.

History - Old Gutter Protection Systems

Old systems focused on putting something in the guttering. However, in our 20 years of experience in the industry, we believe you cannot fix the problem at the level of the gutter when trying to keep gutters clear of leaves, pine needles, gumnuts, twigs and other tree debris.

The 'Diamond Mesh' was invented and designed in Australia by Leafbusters in 1991and launched in 1992. The “diamond shape” mesh was good for its time.

leaf busters map of australia - gutter protection brisbane


Since we started, Leafbusters has installed almost 3.5 million metres of mesh. Placed end to end, we have circumnavigated Australia once AND some!

2G Mesh - The New Gutter Guards Standard

The Invention of the 2G Mesh launched In March 2000 - the “Second Generation” of ski-slope technology was invented and designed in Australia for one of the harshest environments on earth.

The 2G mesh product is the most advanced mesh, using two different polymers (patented formula) which superceded the diamond mesh. Advances in technology have enabled us to develop a “smooth top” surface which reduces surface friction and allows the leaves and debris to slide off 70% faster than the old diamond product.

Fire Retarded Gutter Guard Product:

Living in Olinda (which we understand is the third highest fire danger area in the world) encouraged us to develop a self-extinguishing fire retarded product - SEFR 2000 - 2G Fire Rating 2 conforms to Australian Standard AS3959 and tested by Australian Wool Testing Authority labs to world accepted test standard AS1530 part 2.

Leafbusters submission in 1997 to Australian Standards caused the inclusion of gutter protection systems for construction of buildings in bushfire home areas.

Outstanding Guarantee

At Leaf Busters we have an outstanding guarantee! In 1997 "Consumer Affairs" Leafbusters were recognised by the office of Fair Trading and were given an award for "Excellence in Customer Service". This was due to our 12 months money back satisfaction guarantee that we initiated and offered to our clients. 


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Leafbusters is a Leader in Gutter Protection in Brisbane