Protect Your Home from Dangerous Birds and Rodents with a Gutter Guard

gutter-guardBy having a professionally installed gutter guard system, you not only prevent water damage and mould, but also save your home from dangerous and invasive wild animals like birds and rodents.

They pose all sorts of threats, and are not very easy to remove.

Make sure your house is adequately protected so you can keep the people you love safe.

How a Gutter Guard Keeps Birds and Rodents Away

The main component of a gutter guard system by Leafbusters is the gutter mesh. When installed, this mesh extends from the roof, all the way to the outer lip of the gutter. It literally blocks the entry of birds, which traditionally find gutters cosy and safe to nest it.

The eggs and young of birds attract rodents and even possums, so the risk of such animals invading your house by the roof is eliminated as well. Generally, the mesh works as a barrier against all kinds of animals, so the protection is ten-fold.

Gutter guard mesh from Leafbusters is extremely strong and durable making it impossible for a bird or rat to make a hole in it or to tear it. The mesh cannot entrap animals either. The holes are extremely tiny so they eliminate this risk completely.

A Gutter Guard Protects Your Home from Damage

Keeping birds and rodents away can save you a lot of money and hassle. The droppings of birds, in particular, are acidic and can easily destroy any metal and limestone structures apart from making them look ugly. Reduce possible risk to your car, and garage by having guards installed.

Rats eat on almost everything they can find around the house. They can easily destroy books, wood objects and even items made from thin metal sheets. You can protect your belongings simply by having gutter mesh installed.

Both birds and rodents spread disease through their droppings, which can contaminate drinking water and food. Debris from bird nests, feathers and debris from dead animals are also sources of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Further, rodents and birds may carry lice, ticks, mites and bed bugs which are dangerous to humans as well as to house pets.

To give you peace of mind, and improve the safety of your home, consider putting a gutter guard system in place. It will give you long term protection and ease any concerns for your family.

For more information about how this great product can protect your home from dangerous birds and rodents, contact us today!

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