What Gutter Protection Does for Your Home

Your home is a complex structure that is meant to keep you safe and sound. The design of your home is supposed to contribute to its longevity against age and weather deterioration.

However if you don’t have good gutter guards, this could be an issue. For many homeowners that have standard gutters, a backup or drainage issue may cause expensive damage.

This is why it’s good to consider gutter guard installation.

Why Choose Gutter Protection?

Water that does not drain correctly from your home can cause tree roots to grow abnormally that could bring damage to your plumbing system. A break in a pipe that sits underground can go unnoticed and become a costly problem to fix.

Protecting your gutters from drainage issues increases the structural integrity of your home.

gutter-protectionA gutter protection system is installed over the exposed portion of your existing gutter, into which leaves, dirt and debris fall. Durable guards help keep out everything except water.

The water in your gutters will flow normally and the risk of backup or overflowing is basically eliminated.

The gutter protector is designed in several different colours to match the design of your home. The service life of this protection device gives you added security and prevents long-term damage to your home.

It also frees up more of your time that would have been spent cleaning your gutters.

Gutter Protection Preserves Your Home’s Exterior

Backed up gutters leave nasty streaks of leaves and dirt down the sides of your home. It is not enjoyable to clean the sides of your home several times each year when your gutters overflow.

Part of what you can see is the nasty streaks of dirt, but part of what you cannot see may be destroying the protective foundation of your home.

Water that flows freely behind your gutters can become trapped in the interior boards of your home. This water is destructive and may cause rotting or electrical problems.

Having a gutter protection system professionally installed will help prevent this type of damage to your home. There are no backups or clogs that can happen to your drains.

Rainwater can be diverted away or preserved for green living applications.

For more information on gutter protection systems, or to discuss how to have one installed at your home, contact Leafbusters today.

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