Three Unsung Benefits of Gutter Guards

The use of gutter guards for both home maintenance and rooftop drainage protection is certainly growing in popularity.

Homeowners everywhere are enjoying the ease and convenience that these systems provide.

They are the perfect way to keep ageing family members off of tall ladders and to keep an ideal roof environment for maintaining gutters, downspouts and all other aspects of rooftop drainage systems.

Remarkably, however, gutter protection can do much more than just that; there are three major benefits that these protection systems can provide that go largely unsung.

Odour and Virus Elimination with Gutter Guards

Few people consider it until they face it, but the wet decay of leaf matter and other debris does indeed have its own odour. This is especially true on rooftops that receive irregular or no maintenance at all.


This moulding, damp smell can make it unpleasant to open windows on warm days and can be a major attraction to both insects and animals.

In areas where viruses being transmitted from insects to humans is an issue, gutter guards are an absolute necessity. Standing water and moist accumulations of rooftop debris can become the perfect grounds for breeding for mosquitos.

Where viruses of this nature have become prevalent, eradicating areas of standing water and wet debris is vital for preventing transmission. Even where viruses are not a threat, however, mosquitos can be very annoying pests.

Thus, these systems are not only an effective measure for protecting roof drainage, but they are also an ideal measure to take against insects and the formation of rooftop colonies.

Gutter Guards Offer Fire Protection

Few people consider fire protection as being a benefit that gutter guards can provide but in reality, they do much in helping people to eliminate the potential for fires. Wet accumulations will rapidly become dry accumulations in the hot temperatures of the summer heat and in areas with a high potential for dry brush fires, this can be exceedingly dangerous.

In Australia of all places, this can be a serious issue. However, no matter the weather, gutter protection can be beneficial in some way.

As a home protection measure, the installation of gutter guards can be an advantageous decision. It can also be one that rapidly pays for itself in the savings that it can generate in terms of roof repairs and more costly forms of maintenance.

While many people commonly cite the major benefits of this product, there are numerous unsung benefits that await their recognition. To gain more information, or to discuss the process of having professionals install a gutter guard system at your home, contact Leafbusters today.

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