The Importance of Professional Gutter Guard Installation

The popularity of DIY home improvement and maintenance has increased in recent years, but gutter guard installation is certainly not normally a DIY project.

The highest level of protection can be achieved only if the system is installed professionally following all the rules of construction with proper safety procedures in place.

You do not have to have technical knowledge to realise the importance of having the system put in place by people who specialise in this.

Installing a Gutter Guard

The gutter guard mesh panels have to be attached correctly to your roof. There are many differing types of roofing and the installation will depend on their specifics. Different colours of mesh and fixing parts are available.


If you have a tiled roof, the panels will have to go in between the tiles. If you have a corrugated one, metal clips will be required for holding the panels in place, these metal clips are called saddles.

It is crucial for the panels to be at the right angle so that the debris can fall off naturally when they are blown by the wind. The entire installation requires not only professional skills, but also tools and materials which are not typically found in the home.

A professional will come up with an effective solution for any gutter guard system installation problem. What will happen if standard metal clips cannot be used on your roof or if the gutter corners are not perfectly aligned and cannot be easily covered with the protection mesh?

You may have to replace the clips and search for new ones for ages or use up more material than you have got at hand. Save yourself the added time, money and effort.

The professional gutter guard installer will do the job without much hassle and the end result will be perfect and you will get the ultimate protection and peace of mind.

Current Gutter Guard Guarantee

Professional gutter guard installation comes with a guarantee. Even if the slightest problem occurs, you will be able to call the professionals and have it fixed timely and adequately.

You will never have to worry about getting stuck with a malfunctioning or a completely useless system. Of course, not all professional installers offer the same kind of quality and the same kind of guarantee.

With Leafbusters, you will receive a 5year guarantee on the workmanship. It currently comes with a 10 year guarantee on the materials.

You can be certain that the system will continue to work flawlessly for years to come by using the professional gutter guard installation services of Leafbusters.

For more information, contact us at Leafbusters today!

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