Prevent Damage Using a Gutter Guard System

There are many reasons people consider installing gutter guards.

Perhaps the most prevalent reason is to prevent the potential water damage that can come with clogged or unmaintained gutters.

This is not the only kind of damage that can affect the home’s structural integrity though. If gutters become too heavy or weak, they can detach from the home.

In either case, the homeowner faces repairs and replacements to restore the gutters.

Why a Gutter Guard?

The purpose of gutters is to lead water from rain and other sources away from the home to keep away standing water and other potential water hazards. Ironically, the gutters can actually contribute to these kinds of problems if they are not properly maintained.

There is always a chance of leaves, dirt and other debris getting stuck in the gutters and they cannot work as they should when they are clogged. This is why homeowners should consider gutter guards.

Standing water from gutters can damage the roof and the sides of the home causing leaks as well as unattractive water marks. If the roof is made of wood or some other vulnerable material, it can rot and become structurally weak. Gutter guards help prevent this from happening.

This is also true of the sides of a home and any beams used to hold the building together. Light or severe water damage can add up in repair costs.

Gutter Guards For Safety

Another reason to consider a gutter guard system is to help make maintenance easier. Cleaning gutters can be dangerous work, especially for someone who does not do it every day.

Climbing a ladder then using both hands to remove debris can be particularly tricky just as settling on a rooftop can have its own hazards. Hiring a professional to do the job can begin to add up. With gutter guards installed, maintenance time and costs are majorly reduced.

Using a gutter guard system can help prevent many of these problems and save lots of time and money that would otherwise go toward repairs and replacements. Gutters should remove water problems, not contribute to them.

Whether a homeowner is looking to save money or just make the process of maintaining the gutters more convenient, Leafbusters’ gutter guards are one of the easiest and most cost effective solutions.

For more information on gutter guards, contact us Leafbusters today.

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