No Gutter System is Complete without a Gutter Protector

Modern-day gutter systems are quite sophisticated and work effectively to protect your house from rainwater.

However, how well will the system work without a gutter protector in the long term?

You should certainly consider the consequences of not adding this extra protection. For good gutter flow, leaves are your enemy…

Gutter Protector and Gutter Capacity

The drain channel system of your house will lose some of its capacity every day without a protecting cover installed. Debris pieces pile up on a continuous basis and the room for the rainwater inside the gutter decreases gradually with time.

Eventually, the drain channel will be blocked completely and the rainwater will spill over. It will find its way into the roof structure and into the walls of your home.

The full capacity of the drain channel system will be preserved with a gutter protector. It will prevent big debris pieces from going inside the channel.

It will enable these pieces to slide down and fall on the ground without you having to force them down. The water will simply go through the holes of the protector cover and the channel will take it to the ground.

Gutter Protector for Stability and Cleanliness

Leaves and other vegetation pieces can create a really heavy mass especially when they are wet and literally stuck to each other. If the weight becomes too big the drain channel may become detached from the roof or the wall.


It may even bend if it is made from thin metal. These issues can affect not only the capacity of the drain channel, but may also pose a great risk to the safety of the people living in the house.

Not much will affect the structure of the drain channel system and its alignment if a gutter protector is in place. Debris pieces will not pile up inside or over the channel. The system will continue to work better.

Clogged drain channels are extremely difficult to clean. All vegetation debris must be removed, and if it’s rotten, you will be stuck scraping the walls of the channel.

Doing all this takes a lot of time and effort. Plus, you may have to do it more often than you think.

However, drastically less cleaning of the drain channel will be required if a gutter protector is installed. The big debris will fall on the ground while the tiny ones such as dust particles will be carried down by the rainwater itself.

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