How Gutter Guards Protect You and Your Family from Injuries

gutter-guardsStatistics show that house maintenance is among the most common causes of injuries, some of which can be quite serious.

You can readily reduce your risk of such injuries to the lowest possible minimum by installing gutter guards in your home. Find out how they will give you and your house the required protection.

Gutter Guards Eliminate Gutter Cleaning

Once you install a system for gutter protection, you can say goodbye to the cleaning of the gutters. The system uses mesh made from strong and durable weatherproof plastic. The mesh is installed over the gutter so that it has the same angle as the roof.

As a result, a slide is created for the leaves and other debris. They roll down as there is no way in which they can get inside the gutter. Smaller debris pieces like pollen and seeds get through the hole of the mesh but they are carried down by the water.

Your gutter will never again accumulate debris so quickly once gutter guards are installed. This means that you wont have to clean them as often. This automatically reduces the risk of ladder falls and related injuries associated with gutter cleaning. This is certainly a great relief for any person who performs this task given that cleaning is generally required on a frequent basis.

Call about Gutter Cleaning

You will not have to climb a high ladder and try to keep your balance while using tools for removing the mass of accumulated leaves. You will not have to worry about falling down and incurring a serious injury of the limbs, neck or back. Call us regarding a simple gutter clean and our professionals will do the job for you.

Gutter Guards Prevent Structural Damage

The main job of a gutter protection system is to prevent rainwater from entering the house via the roof structure. This is really important since water can creep down the walls and ceilings and cause major damage. If the flow is persistent, it can cause cracks in these structures. This poses a serious threat as a piece can break off and fall and cause a head injury.

As you can see, gutter mesh installed on the roof provides protection from injuries not only to the person or people responsible for cleaning the gutter. It actually helps to keep everyone in the house safe. The reality is that water can cause damage, destroy structures and increase the risk of injuries secretly without anyone noticing. That is why it is really important to have reliable protection.

Protect the people that you love with the installation of gutter guards. For more information on increasing your home safety with gutter guard, contact us at Leafbusters today.

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