How Gutter Guards Can Preserve Your Home

Gutter guards are a simple but effective method of preventing water from damaging the structure of your home.

They are also very convenient for those who find it difficult to give their gutters the regular cleaning needed to keep them from getting clogged with debris.

Gutters cannot work properly if they are hindered with leaves, dirt and other debris. This material can leave standing water that can cause leaks, rotten wood and other damage.

No Gutter Guard Means Possible Damage

When gutters become clogged, water cannot flow freely from them. This can contribute to damage to the roof and other parts of the home’s structure. Homes can become further damaged if the debris gets too heavy in the gutters because the extra weight can cause them to separate from the outside fascia structure.

Not only is this unappealing, but it will cost you in the repairs needed on your home. A gutter guard system is also convenient for those who just do not enjoy cleaning gutters.

Climbing a ladder and needing to have both hands free to clean the gutters can be dangerous. Leaning from a roof to clean the gutters can also be dangerous. Sometimes people think a fancy ladder attachment may help in eliminating the danger; but often to no avail. Often when using an attachment to wash out the gutters with a hose, it may be difficult to see if you have done a thorough and effective job, you’ll have to move the ladder again to check around the roof hips.

Cleaning and the Gutter Guards

Cleaning the gutters can also be very time consuming, so using gutter guards can help prevent a long and arduous job. You may also preserve not only the integrity of your home’s structure but also the aesthetics of it. With no standing water and leaks, you will not see those unattractive water marks that can mar a home’s appearance.

In summary, there are many advantages to using gutter guards, that are both practical and convenient. When you prevent debris and dirt from getting stuck in the gutters you save yourself a lot of time and money from the process it takes to clean the gutters. You may also avoid a bill to repair the underlying structure that can be torn when gutters become detached from the home due to the weight of standing water.

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