How a Gutter Guard Protects Your Property from Water Damage

Each year thousands of homeowners make costly repairs to their homes, that are required due to rainwater damage.

With the right gutter guard system in place, you can avoid such issues and save considerably on home maintenance.

With a one-time investment, you can protect your home for years to come.

A Gutter Guard: Simplicity of Operation

The reality is that the Leafbusters® gutter guard system works very simply. It is designed to prevent debris from entering the drain channel and from clogging it. The really great thing about the Leafbusters system is that it’s mesh has tiny holes which do not allow even small leaves, pine needles and twigs inside the gutter.

What is even better is that the debris does not easily remain on top of the protective cover. Since the mesh is installed at an angle following the angle of your roof, the leaves, twigs and other materials will just slide down naturally with the help of gravity and of the wind. Basically, with the right gutter guard system you will seldom have to clean your gutter again.

Without a gutter guard system in place, rainwater may remain on the roof. It is true that most roofing materials are quite strong and sturdy, but they will get worn out eventually. Rainwater will find its way in between the roof shingles and damage them from the inside out as well. The microorganisms forming in it will speed up the decay. We only use the most sturdy products in our Leafbusters installations.

Gutter Guard: Protection from Timber Damage and Mould

The rainwater will eventually find its way inside your home as well, if gutter guard protection is not in place. It will cause the rotting of all timber structures including the ones in the foundation of your house. Even if the wood gets dry eventually, the expansion caused by the presence of the water and the contraction due to the drying will affect its internal structure. It will be more prone to damage and breaking.

It is true that water cannot damage bricks, stone and concrete that easily. However, these surfaces are ideal for the formation of mould when water is present. Mould grows and spreads extremely quickly and it is really hard to remove. It will not only damage the surfaces it is present on, eventually it increases the risk of allergies and respiratory infections.

Installing a gutter guard system will reduce the risk of mould forming in all areas of your home including the attic and the basement considerably. It will not only help protect your house, but your family as well.

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