Gutter Protector – An Ingeniously Simple Solution for the Home

We are so used to complex machines helping us in our daily lives that a fairly simple and easy to use solution like a gutter protector goes unnoticed.

Indeed, often, its practicality is underestimated.

The reality, however, is that it works flawlessly to protect your home and its inhabitants from all sorts of threats.

How the Gutter Protector Works

The Leafbusters cover material that goes over the gutter is a plastic mesh. Larger debris pieces such as fallen leaves cannot get though the holes so they remain outside of the drain channel.

The water, on the other hand, is drained though the holes.

The other key to the gutter protector’s success does not lie with its structure, but with the way in which it is positioned. The cover goes from the roof to the outer lip of the drain channel.

The cover is slanted. It is virtually a natural continuation to a pitched roof’s side which is at an angle. As a result, the leaves and other debris pieces can just roll down and fall on the ground.

The Gutter Protector Protects Your Home and Family

The clogging of the drain channel is effectively prevented once the cover is installed on top of it. As a result, rainwater will be prevented from remaining on the roof and from damaging the exterior and interior of your house.

Not many homeowners know this, but moisture works to attract pests and termites in particular. You would not want to invite termites, which can destroy all the timber inside your house.

The wet leaves and other debris pieces, which get collected inside the drain channel when there is not a gutter protector, offer the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. These can easily affect your family as they spread through the air and through the rainwater which you collect, drink and use.

If there is not a gutter protector system installed, the collected vegetation debris will eventually dry out. This will create the ideal medium for the starting of a bushfire.

If you live in a bushfire prone area, a burning ember reaching the dry debris can set your roof and your entire house on fire.

The benefits of having a gutter protector system outweigh the investment that you make in it by far. This simple solution works to give a comprehensive protection to your property and to the people that are most important to you.

There are so many reasons to consider investing in gutter protection. To find out more, contact us at Leafbusters today.

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Living in a 2 storey house the annual job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!

We sing Leafbusters' praise to our friends and acquaintances at every chance. Many thanks for a great product and very professional installation.

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