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Living in a 2 storey
house the annual
job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!
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Gutter Protection - Thea Groom

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Leafbusters Victoria Team

Leafbusters Australia Team   Thea Groom - Leafbusters CEO

Head Office
Leafbusters Team-Victoria


Thea Groom – CEO and Founder

Laeyna – Leafbusters Operations Manager   Jason – Leafbusters CFO

Laeyna – Operations Manager
AKA – 2IC Thea Groom’s daughter – and is first in line to succession


Jason – CFO
AKA – Jase Chief Financial Officer and long term valuable "listener". Jase has been with the company for 10 years.

John – Leafbusters Marketing   Thomas – Leafbsusters Warehouse & Logistics

John – Marketing
AKA "H" H mans the shopping centres and Home & Trade Shows


Walter – Warehouse Manager "Retired"
AKA "Where's Wally?" Wally is now part time, where is he? If not here on the Golf Course



Leafbusters Gutter Guards Sales Team   Rob – Leafbusters Sales consultant

Thomas – Warehouse & LogisticsAKA "Tommy" Boy Friday, but mostly on Mondays


Sales Team

James – Leafbusters Sales Consultant   Sue – Leafbusters Sales Consultant Corp Division

Rob – Sales Consultant
AKA "Top Gun" Always talking to clients even in the middle of a sales meeting


James – Sales Consultant
AKA "Say What?" Always smiling, always nice

John G. – Leafbusters Gutter Guard Sales Consultant   John B. – Leafbusters Sales Consultant

Sue – Sales Consultant Corp Division
AKA "Tech Diagrams"
Sue has a Bachelor of Architecture Degree with Honours and has been a Lecturer at the University of Melbourne and Newcastle. Sue has been a full time sales consultant with our company for 9 years


John G. – Sales Consultant
AKA "Mr Happy"

Rosco – Half-a Storeman  

John B. – Sales Consultant
AKA "John Boy" or "Scottish John"


Ben – Senior Gutter Protection Installer   Shaun – Senior Gutter Guards Installer

Fitter Gang
Gutter Guard installation is fun?
YES! When you are a Leafbusters Installer with Thea Groom - Fitter “Gang Boss”


Ben – Senior Installer
AKA “The Gun”
With his “Pommie-length” and Yoda style he is like a ballerina on the roof

Cameron – Senior Gutter Gaurds Installer   Andrew – Senior Gutter Guard Installer

Shaun – Senior InstallerCameron – Senior Installer
AKA – Spider Monkey
The ONLY person in my organisation that fits into my Jackets. STOP stealing them please?!! lol


Cameron – Senior Installer
AKA – Yes Man
Cam can do anything

Wayne K– Senior Gutter Guard Installer   Aaron – Senior Protector Installer

Andrew – Senior Installer
AKA – Cream Puff Job
Nothing a problem.
For difficult jobs Andrew always thinks of ways to get the job done


Wayne K– Senior Installer
AKA – Antique
He may be an “antique” but like a good wine; gets better with age

Danny – Senior Gutter Protection Installer   Grant – Senior Gutter Guards Installer

Aaron – Senior Installer
The quiet achiever. And smiles a lot


Danny – Senior Installer
AKA – Yep
Everything is always “okay” for Danny

Jeremy – Junior Gutter Guard Installers   Cat – Senior Gutter Guard Installer

Grant – Senior Installer
AKA – Bubble Boy
Gives over and above the call of duty to customers


Jeremy – Junior Installers
AKA – Cam’s Biatch
Always bum up – head down

Cat – Senior Gutter Guard Installer    

Cat – Senior Installer
AKA – One of the boys Cat is the first female installer ever employed in our history.... Sadly she now has a long term illness that prevents her from being an installer. She is missed by the team.



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