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house the annual
job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!
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Leafbusters is experiencing exponential growth and a high demand for its gutter protection goods and services. Be a part of this dynamic growing business. Dealers and or Agents are required for all areas and all States.

Your own dealership would mean you would be licensed to trade with the Leafbusters trademarks and the Leafbusters patented goods. For a small investment you could be your own boss. We will give you training in sales and in installation methods.

Leafbusters is now a "sought after" service. Commercial businesses, Government Departments, Foresty Departments, Schools, Shires, Councils, Water Authorites, Departments of Housing and Domestic are just some of the many groups looking for a gutter protection system. They are looking for a quality product that will reduce their maintenance costs, prolong the life of their gutters and allow for the safe collection of rain water.

Water harvesting and environmentally

Sound products are much more in demand now. Leafbusters fits this specification entirely. Leafbusters is also used by and recommended by: Architects, Engineers, Draftspeople, Building inspectors and Risk Managers.

Cleaning gutters is a dangerous job, and working on roofs and ladders is one of the leading cause of death and serious injury.

Leafbusters is ideally suited to be able to deliver remedies for all these situations with it's unique, (first on the market - 1991) system of fully tailored mesh that allows water to flow into the gutters while debris simply slides off the roof.

For any enquiries with regard to starting your own Leafbusters Business, please click here to contact Head Office.