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Living in a 2 storey
house the annual
job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!
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The Leafbusters fully installed and tailored gutter protection system will:

  • Stop possums and vermin entering the roof space.
  • Stop birds entering and nesting in the roof cavity.
  • Stop gutters overflowing because the gutter channel stays clean.
  • Stop burning embers starting a fire in the gutters (gutters no longer have ignitable material/debris in them).
  • Stop snakes living in gutters.
  • Save ladder falls - because you need never clean your gutters again.
  • Accidents from ladder falls are extremely high.
  • Prevent overflowing gutters into the house, where water enters inside and damages ceilings, walls and carpets.
  • Protect your capital investment (gutters) because it stops premature rusting, therefore gutters last 2-3 times longer.
  • No more stump and foundation damage because no more water damage.
  • Leaves now fall to the ground instead of mulching in the gutters clogging them and leaching tannin.
  • Stops leaves from getting into our waterways and depleting the oxygen which allows over abundance of green algae.
  • Stops tennis balls blocking the downpipes
  • Stops other foreign debris like syringe needles and plastic bags entering your gutters.

Leafbusters invented the Dr. Gutter™ range of gutter liners. The Dr Gutter™ liner gives your gutters an extended life.

Our gutter protection protect your home from birds and pests nesting in your roof, and ignitable material/debris. Our quality gutter liners will allow you to spend more time enjoying your home instead of cleaning the gutters.

Get extended life from your guttering, ask about our Gutter Liner. Our vision is to continue providing one of the world's most advanced maintenance free Gutter Protection system.

This ongoing quest to use hi-tech design, state-of-the-art technology and years of experience has made the Leafbusters system 'The No1 Choice' among consumers both domestic and commercial, Because its works!™...