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No Gutter System is Complete without a Gutter Protector

gutter-protectorThe modern-day gutter systems are quite sophisticated and work effectively to protect your house from rainwater.

However, how well will the system work without a gutter protector in the long term?

You should certainly consider the consequences of not adding this extra protection.

Gutter Protector and Gutter Capacity

The drain channel system of your house will lose some of its capacity every day without a protecting cover installed. Debris pieces pile up on a continuous basis and the room for the rainwater inside the gutter decreases gradually with time.

Eventually, the drain channel will be blocked completely and the rainwater will spill over. It will find its way into the roof structure and into the walls of your home.

The full capacity of the drain channel system will be preserved with a gutter protector. It will prevent big debris pieces from going inside the channel.

It will enable these pieces to slide down and fall on the ground without you having to force them down. The water will simply go through the holes of the protector cover and the channel will take it to the ground.

Gutter Protector for Stability and Cleanliness

Leaves and other vegetation pieces can create a really heavy mass especially when they are wet and literally stuck to each other. If the weight becomes too big the drain channel may become detached from the roof or the wall.

It may even bend if it is made from thin metal. These issues can affect not only the capacity of the drain channel, but may also pose a great risk to the safety of the people living in the house.

Nothing will affect the structure of the drain channel system and its alignment if a gutter protector is in place. Debris pieces will not pile up inside or over the channel. The system will continue to work flawlessly.

Clogged drain channels are extremely difficult to clean. All vegetation debris must be removed, and if it's rotten, you will be stuck scraping the walls of the channel.

Doing all this takes a lot of time and effort. Plus, you may have to do it more often than you think.

However, no cleaning of the drain channel will be required if a gutter protector is installed. The big debris will fall on the ground while the tiny ones such as dust particles will be carried down by the rainwater itself.

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Preserve Your Home's Beauty and Appeal with a Gutter Protector

Gutter Protector - Forget About Gutter Cleaning And The Related Risk Of Injuries

You will never have to climb up a ladder to clean your gutters after installing a gutter protector.

This is certainly great news for all those who have to perform the task of removing debris from their roof's drain channel at least twice a year.

The risk of falling from the ladder while cleaning the gutters and getting injured is quite high. You will certainly have a much safer life without having to incur this risk.

The Gutter Protector Allows for Automatic Cleaning

When the protective cover is installed professionally over the drain channel, one end is attached to the roof using a specific technique, which depends on the respective roof structure. The other end is attached to the outer edge of the drain channel. As a result, the cover stays at an angle. Hence, it creates a virtual slide for the debris which cannot get into the gutter. Forced by gravity and by the wind, the debris falls down to the ground.

The gutter protector uses the forces of nature to make self-cleaning part of the protection process. You will not have to go up a ladder and stay up on it for hours until you scrape off the last piece of wet vegetation sticking to the inner side of the drain channel. You will stay on the ground and have the piece of mind that your house is protected from the rainwater and that you are not at risk of an injury.

The Gutter Protector Eliminates the Risk of Ladder Accidents and Injuries

Did you know that over 40 per cent of the ladder accidents in Australia occur in private homes? What is even more shocking is the fact that two-thirds of all accidents resulted in fractures and hospitalisation. You would certainly not want to become part of the sad statistics.

One way to avoid getting into an accident and getting hurt is to install a gutter protector system. It will eliminate the need to clean the drain channel from debris. It does not require any maintenance either once it is installed. You do not have to clean the protector cover itself. It is quite strong and durable and can resist the effects of the elements for decades to come.

Installing a gutter protector system will reduce your roof maintenance tasks and costs. More importantly, it will reduce your risk of falling from a ladder and getting injured. These are just some of the major benefits that you will enjoy with such a system in place.

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No Gutter System is Complete without a Gutter Protector

Gutter Protector - An Ingeniously Simple Solution for the Home

gutter-protectorWe are so used to complex machines helping us in our daily lives that a fairly simple and easy to use solution like the gutter protector goes unnoticed.

Indeed, often, its practicality is underestimated.

The reality, however, is that it works flawlessly to protect your home and its inhabitants from all sorts of threats.

How the Gutter Protector Works

The cover material that goes over the gutter is plastic mesh. Larger debris pieces such as fallen leaves cannot get though the holes so they remain outside of the drain channel.

The water, on the other hand, is drained though the holes.

The other key to the gutter protector's success does not lie with its structure, but with the way in which it is positioned. The cover goes from the roof to the outer lip of the drain channel.

The cover is slanted. It is virtually a natural continuation to the roof's side which is at an angle. As a result, the leaves and other debris pieces can just roll down and fall on the ground.

The Gutter Protector Protects Your Home and Family

The clogging of the drain channel is effectively prevented once the cover is installed on top of it. As a result, rainwater will be prevented from remaining on the roof and from damaging the exterior and interior of your house.

Not many homeowners know this, but moisture works to attract pests and termites in particular. You would not want to invite termites, which can destroy all the timber inside your house.

The wet leaves and other debris pieces, which get collected inside the drain channel when there is not a gutter protector, offer the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs. These can easily affect your family as they spread through the air and through the rainwater which you collect and use.

If there is not a gutter protector system installed, the collected vegetation debris will eventually dry out. This will create the ideal medium for the starting of a fire.

If you live in a bushfire prone area, a burning ember reaching the dry debris can set your roof and your entire house on fire.

The benefits of having a gutter protector system outweigh the investment that you make in it by far. This simple solution works to give a comprehensive protection to your property and to the people that are most important to you.

There are so many reasons to consider investing in gutter protection. To find out more, contact us at Leafbusters today.

Gutter Protector - Forget About Gutter Cleaning And The Related Risk Of Injuries


The Benefits of Using Gutter Protection at Home

gutter-protectionYou cannot expect all systems to offer the same level of gutter protection.

Mesh has some great benefits and advantages that are unmatched. It works simply and effectively.

It also does not require any maintenance at all. Find out more about its operation to get a precise idea about the benefits which you will enjoy.

Advantages of Having a Gutter Protection System

Debris cannot get inside the gutter. With this kind of gutter protection, all leaves, twigs and other vegetation debris pieces stay out of the drain channel.

They cannot get through the holes of the mesh. Pollen and dust do get inside. However, the pollen and dust particles are so tiny and light that they get carried away by the water.

They are not heavy enough to remain on the bottom of the drain channel, pile up and create blockage.

Water flows freely into the gutter. While the holes of this type of gutter protection system are small enough not to let debris pieces in, they are large enough to allow water to flow freely through them.

You can think of the mesh cover as a sieve that you use in the kitchen. The water is perfectly drained and carried down the channel while the debris particles remain on top.

The mesh has holes, but its surface is perfectly smooth. There are no protuberances that can hold leaves and other pieces of debris.

Further, the mesh is installed at an angle. It is actually a natural continuation of the roof.

As a result the debris pieces are forced by gravity to fall down. The process is perfectly natural and, therefore, works flawlessly.

Gutter Protection Design

The gutter preserves its full capacity as there are no debris pieces that can pile up and create blockage on top of the gutter protection system. This means that the risk of rainwater overflowing is reduced to a minimum.

As the system continues to work effectively over time without the need of cleaning and additional maintenance, the risk will remain low in the long term. Your home will be perfectly well protected from damage which could be caused by rainwater.

A gutter protection system using mesh material has undeniable benefits. You just have to make sure that you will go for a good-quality material and have it professionally installed.

To learn more or to get your free quote on gutter protection, contact us at Leafbusters today!

Gutter Protector - An Ingeniously Simple Solution for the Home

Gutter Protection for Fire Prevention

gutter-protectionIt is impossible to understand the benefits of gutter protection without realising the risks the piling of debris in the drain channel poses to your property and to your family.

The truth is that using a gutter guard system can protect your home and the people in it from fire as well as from water.

This is a huge advantage to have given that fire is one of the most destructive forces of nature.

Gutter Protection and Dry Vegetation

No region in Australia is totally safe from bushfires, even though in recent years Victoria has suffered the most damage and human victims. One of the major problems is that the fire can quickly spread from the wild to the homes of people.

It has been found that over three quarters of the homes affected by this natural disaster catch fire due to ember attacks.

When a burning ember falls onto a surface that burns easily, the fire is quick to spread. Dry vegetation collected inside gutters burns extremely easily and the fire can easily affect the other structures of the house.

With gutter protection, there will be no burning material inside the drain channels of your home.

The cover which goes over the channels is designed not only to prevent the debris from falling inside, but also to allow the large pieces to slide down naturally. The cover is positioned at an angle following the angle of the roof.

As a result, all leaves, twigs and other vegetation pieces slide down forced by gravity and by the wind, when it is present.

Gutter Protection and Building Materials

Given the high risk of bushfires in most parts of Australia, builders have started using construction materials which are self extinguishing and can prevent the spreading of fire. Such materials are now used in gutter protection systems as well.

The Leafbusters Self Extinguishing Fire Retarded Mesh comes with a fire rating of 2. It is suitable for buildings in areas prone to bushfires as it conforms to the respective national standard.

You can see how gutter protection can work to protect your property and the people that you love in more ways than one. This is an added benefit which you receive in addition to the protection from rainwater which can damage the roof, walls and timber of your house.

In general, you make a small investment which will give you the peace of mind that the most important things and people for you will be safe.

For more information, or to get your free quote, contact us at Leafbusters today!

The Benefits of Using Gutter Protection at Home

Does Investing in Gutter Protection Pay Off?

Before you decide to invest in gutter protection, you need to make sure that this is a beneficial decision from a financial point of view.

Find out more about the investment which you have to make and the ways in which it will pay off. This will help you make the right financial decision.

Gutter Protection: One-Time Investment

You invest in gutter protection only once. When the gutter guards are in place, they will start working immediately. You will not have to make any changes to your roofing or use any additional materials to protect them from the elements. Similarly, a high-quality protection cover will not require any maintenance. The leaves and other big vegetation pieces will just slide down naturally while the water will continue following through the cover. You will not have to pay professionals to clean the debris. You will not have to invest in any tools and materials for repair.

By having an effectively working system installed, you will protect not only your gutters, but also the roof, walls and all timber structures of your house from damage caused by rainwater. This can save you thousands of dollars that you would otherwise spend on maintenance and repairs. As time passes by, the saved amount will grow. Eventually, you will have saved times more than you invested in your gutter guard system initially.

Gutter Protection: Preserving Your Home's Value

If gutter protection is not in place, the damage caused to your home by rainwater could be considerable. Furthermore, the moisture inside the walls and the cracks in timber will certainly attract termites, which can cause severe damage and which are extremely hard to exterminate. All of these factors will inevitably lead to a fall in your property's value. This could create further issues. It may become difficult for you to borrow money against the value of your home. You may find it really hard to sell if you decide to move.

With gutter guard protection, you protect the investment that you have made in your house. This is one of the major reasons why it makes sense to invest in a system that will allow all drain channels of your house to work properly. The latter investment will certainly pay off as it helps preserve the much bigger one.

In conclusion, investing in gutter protection will most certainly pay off. You will get much more than you invest initially. Additionally, the investment will pay off fairly quickly.

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Gutter Protection for Fire Prevention

Gutter Protection Explained

gutter-protectionGutter protection is fast becoming a major consideration among homeowners.

The introduction of increasingly sophisticated gutter guards provides people with advanced drainage systems.

This in turn, increases home value as it decreases chance of damage occurring.

Perfecting What Already Exists in Gutter Protection

Long ago, the typical home was not constructed with complex rooftop drainage systems. As people advanced in their architectural, engineering, and construction knowledge however, it became apparent that an effective drainage system was necessary for protecting the integrity of the rooftop from the ravages of the elements.

Basic systems were designed to channel rainwater and melted snow from the roof area. This allowed for less interior leakage.

Innovations and advancements ultimately led to a relatively standardized system of gutters that ensured that excess water did not collect in any rooftop areas and thus, permeate the home and compromise its structural integrity.

Now, innovators have moved to make dramatic advances in the performance of standard gutter systems. Gutter protection helps to shield systems from exposure to solid particles as the result of the elements. Thus, they provide a more advanced measure of rooftop protection overall.

Dry leaves and accumulations of twigs and other debris, can wreak havoc on an unprotected gutter system. Gutter protection ensures both the longevity of the roof and its total drainage functionality.

Advantages of Gutter Protection

Another important benefit that advanced gutter protection provides is reduction of effort and risk undertaken during regular homeowner rooftop and drain maintenance. This is especially important for aging homeowners, individuals with compromised mobility and those who are afraid of heights.

When twigs, dry leaves and additional forms of debris are allowed to enter the drainage, the entire system is compromised in terms of effectiveness and functionality.

For all of these reasons, gutter protection is a highly recommended addition for optimal rooftop drainage. Just as other areas of home construction have seen advancements and improvements, the typical rooftop drainage system has as well.

Ultimately, innovations in residential construction are introduced to the market and then improved upon to provide enhanced convenience and functionality. Embracing this new addition to rooftop drainage how forward thinkers protect their investments and ensure optimal household safety.

For more information about these drainage systems, or to get a quote on gutter protection for your home, contact us at Leafbusters today.



Does Investing in Gutter Protection Pay Off? 

What Gutter Protection Does for Your Home

gutter-protectionYour home is a complex structure that is meant to keep you safe. The design of your home is supposed to contribute to its longevity against age and weather deterioration.

However if you don’t have good gutter protection, this could be an issue. For many homeowners that have standard gutters, a backup or drainage issue may cause expensive damage.

This is why it’s good to consider gutter protector installation.

Why Choose Gutter Protection?

Water that does not drain correctly from your home can cause tree roots to grow abnormally that could bring damage to your plumbing system. A break in a pipe that sits underground can go unnoticed and become a costly problem to fix.

Protecting your gutters from drainage issues increases the structural integrity of your home.

A gutter protection system is installed over the exposed portion of your existing gutter, into which leaves, dirt and debris fall. These durable guards help keep out everything except water.

The water in your gutters will flow normally and the risk of backup or overflowing is eliminated.

The gutter protector is designed in several different colours to match the design of your home. The service life of this protection device gives you added security and prevents long-term damage to your home.

It also frees up more of your time that would have been spent cleaning your gutters.

Gutter Protection Preserves Your Home’s Exterior

Backed up gutters leave nasty streaks of leaves and dirt down the sides of your home. It is not enjoyable to clean the sides of your home several times each year when your gutters become overflowed.

Part of what you can see is the nasty streaks of dirt, but part of what you cannot see may be destroying the protective foundation of your home.

Water that flows freely behind your gutters can become trapped in the interior boards of your home. This water is destructive and may cause rotting or electrical problems.

Having a gutter protection system professionally installed will prevent this type of damage to your home. There are no backups or clogs that can happen to your drains.

Rainwater can be diverted away or preserved for green living applications.

For more information on the gutter protection system, or to discuss how to have one installed at your home, contact us at Leafbusters today.


Gutter Protection Explained

Gutter Protection Systems Offer Attractive Protection to Your Home

gutter-protectionClimbing a ladder to access your home’s gutters and clean them out is one of the most tedious and dangerous tasks that a homeowner faces.

It is also an unnecessary one.

While keeping the gutters of your home free of debris is vital, if you have a gutter protection system installed, you will save yourself from this uncomfortable task.

Making Life Easy with Gutter Protection

Gutters that are not protected will, over time, have leaves, debris from your roofing materials, dirt, sticks and other debris get caught in them. This impedes the flow of water and can result in water pooling in your gutters.

Over time, if this is allowed to continue, the gutters can become heavy and separate from the house, making them ineffective at keeping water away from your roof. This can be an expensive hazard that may require you to not only replace your gutters but also to replace your roof.

Many people these days are busy or may be aging. Due to these reasons, they become less able to perform household maintenance and may hire others to do the work for them.

An even easier solution is a gutter protection system that will cause any debris to be whisked away and off your roof before it can be deposited in the gutters.

Gutter Protection Variety

Gutter protection systems are available in a wide variety of attractive colours that can be matched to your home’s exterior colour scheme or can serve as a complimentary colour scheme.

Once they are installed, you can enjoy their attractive look while resting easy that they are doing their job. You will find yourself never needing to think about your gutters again.

Gutter protection systems have a long life span so there are no maintenance costs associated with them. They are attractive when placed atop the home’s gutters and they can help lengthen the life span of the home’s roof as well as protecting the structure against water damage that can occur if a gutter system becomes clogged.

When you consider the savings in terms of risk to oneself when cleaning the gutters, cost associated with hiring someone else to do the job, and potential damage to your home, a gutter protection system makes economic sense.

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What Gutter Protection Does for Your Home

Easy Gutter Protection for the Home

Using some form of gutter protection can help you prevent many kinds of problems related to clogged and heavy gutters.

You save not only time and money with the maintenance of your gutters with gutter protection, but you also better preserve the structure of your home in terms of both looks and integrity.

Further, you can also eliminate much of the safety hazard traditionally involved with cleaning them.

Gutter Protection Helps with Home Maintenance

Cleaning the gutters can be a very time consuming chore. Few people enjoy having to remove leaves, dirt and debris that get stuck in the gutters.

If you regularly hire someone to perform this task for you, you know how much these expenses can add up. You can also try to find an extension of a garden hose to use water pressure to clean the gutters, but there is a chance you may not do the job as thoroughly as you should and you end up with water damage anyway.

No matter how you feel about cleaning your gutters, it is very important that you make sure the debris does not get too heavy. Wet and heavy leaves can weigh down a gutter and cause it to detach from its structure leaving an unattractive mark.

The costs of these types of repairs can also begin to add up. In addition, if you end up with water damage, you may need to make more serious repairs to prevent leaks and water marks. This is why gutter protection with gutter guards is such a good idea.

Gutter Protection and Safety

Cleaning the gutters can also be unsafe if you do not know how to go about it. You can risk falling from a ladder when you need both hands to clean the gutter. You can also remove debris from a position on the roof, but you can also risk falling here if you are not careful.

Using gutter protection is an easy way to prevent many of these issues and make the chore of cleaning the gutters much easier. You do not risk letting your gutters grow heavy or ineffective.

The right gutter guards can create the water drainage system you need to keep your home structurally strong and visually appealing with fewer maintenance chores. They also free up more time for you to spend on other things.

For more information on Leafbusters gutter protection systems, contact us today.


Gutter Protection Systems Offer Attractive Protection to Your Home