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Why Gutter Guards Are A Good Idea

Particularly in heavily treed areas, installing a gutter guard system is a wise economical investment.

It keeps excess weight from weighing down shingles and other roofing materials where rain gutters are fastened in place.  A gutter guard sytem can sometimes keep snow from accumulating too heavily and removing gutters entirely.

Gutter Guard System for Safe Water

What many homeowners love most of all about gutter protection, though, is that it allows rainwater to be collected cleanly.

People generally collect rainwater for drinking, for use in their gardens, for their pets or house plants.

To allow leaves and other debris to accumulate in water allows the growth of unwanted microorganisms, and to encourage disease. A gutter guard system is not only affordable, but also an outright necessity in many areas.

Beyond the practical uses of gutters directing and collecting water, they do come with their nuisances.

A Leafbusters' gutter guard system however, is designed to inhibit many such nuisances as birds nesting in angular points, which is a certain way to encourage disease into what might otherwise be clean water.

Prevent Wear and Tear with a Gutter Guard

Birds would not attempt to nest in a roof with a gutter guard system so this helps prevent bird damage.

Then there are hight winds which blow dirt, roofing tile debris around and onto rooftops. Add this to fallen pine needles, gumtree leaves, and plenty of rain, the resulting mess in unprotected gutters might be considered compost of a sort!

These clods of earth, in time, showcase unsightly weeds and sometimes little trees that speak of an unkempt home gutter system. All of this, combined with the odd winter snowfall, is a recipe for wear and tear on a home.  

There is no reason why anyone must contend with such nuisances.

There is also no reason why one should not be able to use water from one's home gutter system without catching waterborne diseases that are spawned by organic matter such as leaves floating upon the water.

The smart decision is to invest in a gutter guard that will sufficiently manage these problems.  For more information or a free quote please click on the button below.

Eliminate Fall Risks With a Gutter Guard System

gutter-protection-blog -sc7If you take personal safety at work seriously, it pays to take that same care and attention home with you. That is why a gutter guard system is a good consideration. 

Too often workers are the epitome of safety at work yet fail to keep that same attention to detail once they get home.

They get so used to having workplace safety drilled into them when they are on the job that it is easy to let their guard down when they are off the job.

One place that it is especially easy to forget to be cautious is when a person is cleaning their gutters at home. This can be avoided completely by getting a gutter guard system installed.

Safety with a Gutter Guard Sytem

It is so easy to throw a ladder up against the side of the house in order to clean the gutters without paying proper attention to overhead lines or loose soil below.

A great way to avoid an unfortunate accident at home is to have a Leafbusters' gutter guard system installed. With gutter protection in place a homeowner will rarely have to dig out the ladder or worry about cleaning out leaves and debris.

Having a gutter guard system allows the homeowner to never go up the ladder again to clean gutters.

Instead of worrying about whether their ladder is placed on loose soil that might suddenly slip or the unfortunate event of falling off their ladder, it is most likely that they will never have to climb onto their roof again to clean out gutters.

A Gutter Guard System Makes Sense

In summary we can see that a gutter guard system just makes sense. Not only does it look great, keep your gutters free of debris, but it eliminates the need to get the ladder out. It significantly reduces the possibility of a fall from a ladder or roof while trying to clean out gutters.

For a free quote or more gutter guard information please click below.

Keep Your Home Looking Fantastic With Gutter Guards!

Gutter-GuardsTaking care of the outside of the home does not have to be a constant and demanding task. With many new devices and technologies, even those with little skill or knowledge can keep the house looking great and in perfect repair, especially with the use of gutter guards.

Why use Gutter Guards?

The use of gutter guards is one of the best ways to prevent water damage to the house and roof. Leaves, twigs and debris tend to build up or wash into the spouting.

Having a porous cover like gutter guards that lets water drain in, while keeping the debris away, will help the drain system last longer.

When spouting drains properly, there is no build up of mold or mildew. This makes the home healthier and protects the roof.

Using protective coverings (gutter guards) on spouting can help keep the roof in good condition for much longer. It will help save money on expensive home repairs, such as pressure washing and replacing shingles.

Cleaning the spouting is a tedious job that is both demanding and somewhat dangerous. Having gutter guards that eliminate this chore reduce the amount of time and money spent on home maintenance.

The need to climb a ladder and clean out musty leaves and twigs is not something most homeowners look forward to. Many will pay someone else to do the job, which can become costly.

Different Types of Gutter Guards

There are numerous products that call themselves the gutter guard. However, most are just a band aid, short term fix. Unfortunately these products seem cheap to buy and install for yourself.

However, often these products do not work and you will still have to remove them, clean your gutters again and re-install them. Those products are really not in-expensive at all. When you add up your time, maintenance and disposal costs they end up being more expensive than a professionally installed solution.

You cannot fix the problem of the gutter at the level of the gutter!

With a Leafbusters' fully installed system, it really allows all the debris to by-pass the gutter and slide to the ground. Therefore it is fully maintenance free and the best VALUE for money.

The best thing is that It will continue to work 24/7 for the next 25 years!


If you would like to know more about our gutter guards please click on the button below to get a free quote.

Eliminate Fall Risks With a Gutter Guard System

Gutter Guard FAQs

1. How does the Leafbusters Gutter Guard System Work?

The mud that is in your gutters is the accumulation of leaf debris, air borne dust and moisture.  The leaves break down and become “compost” or mud as you see it.

Once the Leafbusters is installed, the leaves and other debris slide off the roof, only fine dust or pollen can get through, so, because the gutter is clear, no leaves or gumnuts in there, once it rains, the dust is flushed down the downpipe.

So, your gutters are clear 24/7. The Leafbusters gutter guard system actually stops the mud happening in the first place.

Gutter Guard specialists in Australia

2. Why Our Gutter Guards are Plastic Mesh and Not Metal?

Plastic, is inert, in other words it does not cause corrosion. Metal products can cause electrolysis when installed on dissimilar metals.  Electrolysis is an electrical charge when water (or rain) hits the two metals.

One of the metals will be the sacrificial anode. Or, one of the metals will cause the other to rust if it is steel, or corrode if it is aluminum. The other major difference is the fact that metal do not conform well or tailor well onto the roof, and they usually have a rough top. Our Leafbusters 2G Ultratechmesh gutter guards are highly UV stablised polyethylene mesh.

It has a smooth top, which allows all the water to get into the gutters. The water is clean and usable (for drinking or other uses)  And the debris slides off quickly. The main feature here is that the debris slides off the roof over the mesh and onto the ground quickly. If debris stays on the mesh (rough top meshes will hold the debris there longer), it allows time for the debris to break down and enter the gutters.

Once you have broken down debris in the gutters then it means uninstalling the metal mesh to clean them. Leafbusters gutter guards are the only proven maintenance free system available any-where in the world.

3. How much do gutter guards cost per meter?

Leafbusters is not like other gutter guard protection products, it is a fully tailored system to suit each particular application, your home, your building….Unlike some products that are a one fit “bandaid” measure, our system is tailored to your property in order to fully function in the most efficient way.

The best way to get a cost is to have a free measure and quote.  Our consultants will measure for you, and offer free advise.  Leafbusters will not install the gutter guard system to your home unless we can guarantee that it will add value to your home and will work effectively and as we promise. 

Our guarantees are 20 years unconditional for our meshes, and we also give you a 12 months money back satisfaction guarantee that it works.  Leafbusters is market leader in the gutter guards protection field, we innovated the design of the meshes and the installation methods.

In our history we have had a 100% success rate in all our gutter guard installations and our promises to our clients.

4. How Are Pest and Bird Problems Solved with Gutter Guards?

Leafbusters has a 100% success rate in stopping pest, possums and birds entering your roof space with gutter guards installed.  Pests enter from the gutter and under the roof.  The gutter guard system is installed to the outside edge of the gutter and onto the roof which not only allows leaves and other debris to slide off, but also to block entry of pests.

Birds and pests can cause problems in your roof space, apart from the noise and it is always at night when you are trying to sleep, they also carry lice.  They lay their eggs in the nests (which attracts rats to come into the roof for the “take-away” food).  The implications of the rats and birds scurrying around the roof with electrical wiring,  is a danger that could cause a roof fire.

Often with a roof fire, it goes unnoticed until it is too late to save the house.  Or horrifically enough, the people inside.  The other pests that could cause you tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages is white-ants.  Building Inspectors will often recommend that gutters are clear of leaf matter, to eliminate the problem of white ants.

The back of the gutter is lower than the front, therefore when it rains, if the gutter has restricted flow to the downpipe because of leaves, the water flow back into the house, down the walls or some-times with no eaves, straight into the room.  The walls become damp at the top which causes capillary action for moisture to come up the wall from the ground.

Moist ground is the perfect environment for white ants to thrive.  There is many many cases where a home could not be sold, or the building inspector has told his client (who would be the prospective purchaser) not purchase the house as it is infected so badly by white ants, that it does not have the value…..

5. Gutter guards for flat roofs vs pitched roofs: explained

The Leafbusters gutter guards system works efficiently with pitched roofs. The leaves and debris slide right off the mesh and onto the ground. With flat roofs the leaves fall onto the roof, and because there is no “gravity” they will stay on the roof and mesh.

However, flat roofs are notorious for internal flooding. The Leafbusters system fixes that problem with a 100% success rate.  The gutters can now flow with full capacity and you will have no more flooding problems, or trying to clean those gutters, most of which are so close to the roof edge that you cut your hands doing so.

The Leafbusters gutter guards system onto a flat roof will reduce your maintenance to very very little. Simply sweep or blow the debris off your roof and mesh 2 or 3 times per year.

Keep Your Home Looking Fantastic With Gutter Guards!


Gutter Protection Technical Data

The Leafbusters system creates a "ski slope" on the roof, so any debris can simply slide off. Leaves, pine-needles, gum nuts (are all fine debris), and other large objects like balls, plastic bags and other "things" can not enter the gutter, block the downpipes or the storm water. With the Leafbusters mesh, nothing goes into the gutter but the water.

Leafbusters stops the mulching process.

Only fine dust and pollen passes through the mesh. Because there is no debris in the gutter, there is no restriction so when it rains the gutters simply flush clean.

The highest priority when installing the Leafbusters system is to add value to the property, protect the gutters and down pipes,and stop potential damage to roof timbers, fascias, eaves, foundation damage from overflowing water, and keep the water tightness of the roof.

Leafbusters are people protectors.

By reducing maintenance - you implement a RISK MANAGEMENT SYSTEM that keeps people safe because they need not climb ladders or roofs to clean gutters. The ACCC issued a warning that over 80 people died from falls from ladders.

The mesh is of the highest quality formulae (patented), designed to endure the harshest Australian conditions and has a working life of 25 years. It has a high-density and high/low density polyethylene formula (patented) which is easily tailored to suit most roof styles.

Gutter ProtectionGutter Guard

For bush fire prone areas, we offer a self-extinguishing fire retarded mesh, SEFR2000. This conforms to Australian standards AS3959 "Construction of Buildings in Bush fire Prone Areas". Tested to AS1530 Part 2. Fire Rating 2.

All installations come with a certificate of fire rating.

At Leafbusters, the mesh we provide is Australian designed and wholly Australian owned. It is trademark and patent protected in Australia, New Zealand, USA and European Union.

We offer a 20 year guarantee on our materials, 10 years on workmanship and 12 months money back satisfaction guarantee that the system works as promised.

Leafbusters first initiated the 12 months money back satisfaction guarantee back in 1995. This was given as a customer service to ensure the customer is protected. Although "me too" companies now copy the Leafbusters guarantee - please ensure you carefully read those warranties.

Leafbusters is the "oldest" gutter protection company of its type in Australia.

"Who you going to trust?™"
LEAFBUSTERS est 18 years or a "me too" company that only offers the old technology diamond type meshes?

Gutter Guard FAQs