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Gutter Guards Can Save Time, Money, and Energy

gutter-guardsGutters can be difficult and messy to clean, particularly after heavy rains, wind or snow, which is why it's great to consider gutter guards.

A build up of debris like leaves, sticks, and dirt can cause gutters to break or flood, and this can lead to unsightly and expensive damage to homes.

Structural damage, rot and water stains are not only unattractive, but they can also be costly and time consuming to fix. Using a gutter guard system is a sensible solution to this problem.

Why You Should Choose Gutter Guards

Gutter guards work by protecting gutters so that debris doesn't build up. By preventing large and small objects from building up in the drains, they allow gutters to work like they should, funneling water away from the walls and roof of the house.

In this way, they can prevent a myriad of problems, like broken drainage systems, flooding in the house, rot and unattractive water stains.

Furthermore, gutter guards can save money in the long run. Water damage can be prohibitively expensive to repair, particularly if it has caused structural damage to the walls or roof.

In addition, broken gutters must be replaced to avoid further damage, which can also cost a lot of money. By simply installing guards, a number of costly problems can be avoided, meaning no expensive repairs or replacements.

Gutter Guards Give You More Time

A final benefit of gutter guards is that they can save time. Gutters without guards need to be constantly cleaned in order to function properly. This takes time, and can also be quite dangerous as it usually involves climbing a ladder to reach the gutters.

With gutter guards in place, homeowners don't have to clean the gutters as often. In this way they free up time and energy that could be better spent on other pursuits.

For homeowners living in any climate, and with any size of house, gutter guards are a practical maintenance solution. They protect the gutters and house from water damage, rot and unattractive stains, and make cleaning the gutters frequently unnecessary.

In this way they can save valuable time and energy in addition to protecting the home. For any type of homeowner this product is a logical and inexpensive investment.

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Safeguard the Ones You Love with the GIft of Gutter Guards

Why You Should Consider Gutter Guards

Why would you consider getting gutter guards?

There are many reasons you would decide to take this measure to protect your home.

However, perhaps the most prominent reason is to avoid the potential damage that can occur when your gutters become clogged with debris. If the problem persists for too long or becomes too severe, you could face some major repairs to your roof and potentially to the frame of your home.

Gutter Guards Solve The Problem

If you have lots of trees around, you know how easy it is for leaves and other debris to get into the gutters and become compacted. When this happens, the gutters cannot properly drain the water away from the building as they are supposed to do. Water can build up and linger on top of this debris, which actually causes many of the problems the gutters are supposed to prevent.

Water damage can occur when the wet debris sits too long in the gutters. It can weaken the roof and over time the roof frame causing leaks. The water stains that are left behind from over flowing water are also unappealing. Furthermore, the wet and heavy debris can also cause the gutters to detach from the building. This kind of damage will cost you in repairs as well as the other chores to restore your home to its former beauty.

Gutter Guards Can Reduce The Fire Risk

Our patented gutter guard system will allow water to get through to gutters as intended while blocking leaves and debris. If you live in a high fire risk part of Australia then do ask us about our special fire retardant gutter guard system. If you live in a high fire risk area surrounded by trees then our gutter guard system can not only save you time and money in maintenance, but can also reduce the fire risk to your home. Ask us about this today.

Finally, most people do not have the time or skill to safely clean their gutters and give them the maintenance they need in order to function properly. Our gutter guard system saves you having to get up on your ladder and muck around with gutter muck! It also saves you the money to pay a professional to clean the gutters whenever you need it.

Our fantastic gutter guards are well worth the consideration....hey we are biased, but we do love our product and we are very proud of it! By the do all the happy customers you see on our testimonials page!

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Gutter Guards Can Save Time, Money and Energy

Protect Your Home With Gutter Guards

Gutters play an important part in the architecture of your home. Gutter guards are also important.

When rain water flows off the roof, gutters catch and channel it safely to the ground or to a storage tank where it can cause no damage to your roofing and wall materials.

How Do Gutter Guards Work?

If leaves, twigs, pine needles, and other debris are allowed to block your gutters, they can cause rain water to build up. If left unchecked, blocked rain water can rust your gutters and seep into the structure of your home, causing serious damage. Gutter guards help protect your home from such damage by keeping your gutters debris free.

Leaves that are shed from the trees in Autumn can easily end up in your gutter if you do not have a good gutter guard. The function of a gutter protection system is to prevent the build-up of debris in your home’s gutters. Gutter guards allow rain water to flow into the gutters easily, but block falling leaves and debris, letting them fall harmlessly to the ground.

Our gutter protection systems use a mesh gutter cover to accomplish this. Our guards fit most different styles of roofs and our great colour range allows a great look too.

Gutter Guards: Benefits of Gutter Protection

By keeping your gutters free from rotting leaves, you protect your home from the serious damage water seepage can cause. Gutter protection also saves you time. Without blocked gutters to clean every weekend, you can spend extra time on hobbies, or playing with your kids.

With a gutter guard system you will have less of a risk of falling off your ladder as you will not need to be up on your roof trying to clean out the gutters!

Give us a call today to find out more. You will be pleasantly surprised at how easy the process is. Right from the free quote we can help you with to the actual installation process. But remember the best part is our guarantees.

These allow you to rest easy knowing that you have a quality product adding value to your home that is backed by a quality company and guarantee.

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Why You Should Consider Gutter Guards 

An Argument For The Usefulness Of Gutter Guards

Gutter cleaning is a big business.

Simply open the phone book or conduct a keyword search for those two words, and you will be amazed at the volume of results that appear.

It is an annual activity, which either costs homeowners considerable physical effort and time or significant amounts of money.

The necessity of regular gutter cleaning is slowly being reduced, thanks to the increasing popularity of gutter guards.

Gutter Guards Are A Great Investment

A popular argument, when the issue of gutter guards is raised, will inevitably be: Won't installing guards also involve an investment of time, energy and money? What is the difference between having to install guards and having to clean the gutters occasionally? The answer is to consider the situation from a long-term perspective.

While it is true that gutter protectors will require a degree of money to put into action they will require none of your time as Leafbusters do it all for you! Leafbusters’ gutter guards offer a practical solution to an unavoidable maintenance challenge which, over a longer period of time, can help property owners to avoid significant amounts of hassle.

Cleaning gutters is an unavoidable maintenance issue. Gutters are a necessary aspect of any structure, because they help to protect against water damage, effectively diverting rain water that flows down the roof to an area away from the building. Inevitably over time, gutters will begin to accumulate debris, due to falling leaves, pollen, dirt and dust, and other small and large particles.

Gutter Guards To Protect Your Home

Left untended for any degree of time, gutters will begin to be less effective at expelling water, and will begin to be weighed down. Weighted gutters can pull away from the structure they are intended to protect. Negative results of deteriorated or compromised gutters can be multi-tiered.

Some such issues can be: water damage or internal leaks, structural issues related to gutters being overly-taxed, and insect or rodent problems due to organic build-up. These gutter-related issues require a far greater financial investment to resolve than the cost of a simple cleaning, and may result even when regular cleaning has been carried out. Using gutter guards will help to prevent all of these problems.

When viewed as a preventative measure against potential larger maintenance issues, the usefulness and necessity of gutter guards becomes increasingly apparent. Why let the gutter cleaning companies have your hard-earned money, for a service that you know you will have to have repeated every year? Investing in gutter guards is a longer-term solution that can end up saving considerable amounts of hassle and financial burden.

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Protect Your Home With Gutter Guards 

Only The Best Gutter Guards From Leafbusters

Few people realise exactly how much damage a stopped-up gutter can cause to their home.

Gutter guards can really help with this problem.

Water that is unable to be evacuated by the gutter system can back up underneath the eaves, and simply rot away the roof structure quite unseen, until a large hole suddenly appears.

Another possible menace comes from the constant dampness, which can trigger an explosion of potentially hazardous mold inside the attic and walls.

Property owners could find themselves faced with enormous repair costs on account of clogged or poorly-cleaned gutters.

Gutter Guards are Safe and Inexpensive

Unfortunately, gutter cleaning is both a nasty and dangerous operation that involves hours of work at the very top of a never-stable ladder. It is also a problem that apparently never goes away.

Every year, it becomes necessary to repeat the performance. Fortunately, there is a safe, inexpensive alternative that can be easily installed, and which will liberate the homeowner from ever mucking things out again.

Gutter guards are a rust-proof plastic mesh product that is custom fitted to your existing roof and gutter system. Once installed, water flows freely into the gutters, while leaves, twigs, and other bits of trash are prevented from falling in and clogging things up. Leafbusters ( is Australia’s finest and most experienced installer of gutter guards.

Gutter Guards - Proven Durability

In business since 1992, Leafbusters actually invented the original ‘Diamond Mesh’ gutter protection system in use worldwide, and has gone beyond that first generation product with a newer, more durable and attractive second generation product that no other company can match. Couple our superior product line with our unmatched experience in installation, and you can say farewell to your most dreaded annual chore.

Of course Leafbusters gutter guards comes with our industry-leading 12 month absolute satisfaction guarantee and are priced very affordably, especially in comparison to what the competition charges for inferior products. Please visit our comprehensive website at for answers to any possible questions, as well as an extensive sampling of photos drawn from previous Leafbusters installations. We are especially proud of our position as a leading innovator, and our commitment to quality as shown by the many awards for excellence which have been bestowed upon us.

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Gutter Guards Eliminate The Work Of Cleaning Gutters

One of the things that many homeowners dread is the time of the year when gutters need to be cleaned.

The rainy weather and blowing winds contribute to a collection of leaves and other debris that easily clogs gutters.

One of the easiest ways to take the work out of this mundane cleaning ritual is having gutter guards installed to protect your gutters and keep them clean.

Gutter Guards: Reducing Damage

When your gutters are full and unclean, the potential for damage to your home is increased. The heavy weight of the water and clogged debris can cause damage not only your gutter system, but also your home. This creates additional expenses for repairing the damaged gutter system and repairing any damage that happens to your home. Installing a better solution helps you avoid these issues.

Most houses are built to last for many decades. However, when parts of a house are not functioning properly problems can occur. Gutters can be one of these problem areas. A main culprit, responsible of hundreds of thousands of dollars to homes each year is water. This water can be from leaking gutters or gutters that are backed up from debris and leaves.

Drainage problems are one of the main reasons for roof, siding and support beam repair to houses, wet internal walls and damp foundations. Having gutter guards installed will dramatically reduce something like this happening to your home.

Gutter Guards: Natural Water Flow

The secret to Leafbusters’ gutter guards is an ingenious design that allows the water to flow naturally to your gutters and restricts the build up of debris like leaves, sticks or dirt. Our gutters guards system lets debris simply fall or blow off your roof.
When looking for a gutter guard system is it important that you get a system that will last. The materials used for constructing our system are not susceptible to corrosion as are many of our competitor metal products. This makes for a good investment and you will reap the benefits for years to come. This system works with flat and pitched roofs to give you the perfect solution to avoid any gutter problems.

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Only The Best Gutter Guards From Leafbusters 

Why You Should Consider Gutter Guards

You can use gutter guards to help provide better gutter protection for your home or other structure.

Many people loathe the notion of having to clean the gutters. Furthermore, leaf and debris that get stuck in the gutters can cause even more damage than you might think.

At Leafbusters we have three types of gutter guards you can use to protect your home so that you can keep your gutters unclogged.


Gutter Guards are a Good Idea

You may want to consider getting gutter guards if you do not like to take the risk of climbing to your roof and cleaning the gutters. This can be dangerous, especially if you are not experienced with cleaning the gutters.

It can be difficult to negotiate using your hands to clean the gutters if you are on a ladder and need to use both hands. There is also the risk that you can fall off a roof.

You should also consider guards to prevent some other types of problems as well. When the leaves, pine needles and other debris get stuck in the gutters, it hinders the gutter's ability to perform its function routing water away from the home.

The water can leave unsightly stains on your home as well as cause larger problems with leaks and weakened roofs, especially wooden roofs.

Maintenance Made Easy with Gutter Guards

Clogged gutters can also cause another problem that you may not have considered. When the debris that is stuck in the gutters gets wet, it becomes quite heavy.

The weight can force the gutters to detach from its structure. You not only have an unattractive blight on your home, but you will also have to spend the money it takes to have the structure repaired.

You can always hire a professional to clean your gutters, but the cost for this can add up. When you use gutter guards, you reduce the need to clean the gutters so often.

You can more easily maintain the gutters yourself at a very reduced cost. Our high quality gutter guards will easily fit over your gutters to give them the protection they need.

For more information on gutter guards, or for your free quote, contact us at Leafbusters Australia today.

Gutter Guards Eliminate The Work Of Cleaning Gutters

How Gutter Guards Can Preserve Your Home

Gutter guards are a simple but effective method of preventing water from damaging the structure of your home.

They are also very convenient for those who find it difficult to give their gutters the regular cleaning needed to keep them from getting clogged with debris.

Gutters cannot work properly if they are hindered with leaves, dirt and other debris. This material can leave standing water that can cause leaks, rotten wood and other damage.

No Gutter Guards Means Possible Damage

When gutters become clogged, water cannot flow freely from them. This can contribute to damage to the roof and other parts of the home's structure. Homes can become further damaged if the debris gets too heavy in the gutters because the extra weight can cause them to separate from the structure.

Not only is this unappealing, but it will cost you to have repairs on the home. A gutter guard system is also convenient for those who just do not enjoy cleaning gutters.

Climbing a ladder and needing to have both hands free to clean the gutters can be dangerous. Leaning from a roof to clean the gutters can also be dangerous. Sometimes people think a fancy attachment may help. But often to no avail. Often when using an attachment to wash out the gutters with a hose, it may be difficult to see if you have done a thorough and effective job.

Cleaning and the Gutter Guards

Cleaning the gutters can also be very time consuming, so using gutter guards can help prevent a long and arduous job. You may also preserve not only the integrity of your home's structure but also the aesthetics of it. With no standing water and leaks, you will not see those unattractive water marks that can mar a home's appearance.

In summary, there are many advantages to using gutter guards that are both practical and convenient. When you prevent debris and dirt from getting stuck in the gutters you save yourself a lot of time and money from the process it takes to clean the gutters. You may also avoid a bill to repair the underlying structure that can be torn when gutters become detached from the home due to the weight of standing water.

For more information about adding gutter guards to your home, contact us at Leafbusters Australia today.

Why You Should Consider Gutter Guards

Prevent Damage Using a Gutter Guard System

There are many reasons people consider installing gutter guards.

Perhaps the most prevalent reason is to prevent the potential water damage that can come with clogged or unmaintained gutters.

This is not the only kind of damage that can affect the home’s structural integrity though. If gutters become too heavy or weak, they can detach from the home.

In either case, the homeowner faces repairs and replacements to restore the gutters.

Why a Gutter Guard?

The purpose of gutters is to lead water from rain and other sources away from the home to keep away standing water and other potential water hazards. Ironically, the gutters can actually contribute to these kinds of problems if they are not properly maintained.

There is always a chance of leaves, dirt and other debris getting stuck in the gutters and they cannot work as they should when they are clogged. This is why homeowners should consider gutter guards.

Standing water from gutters can damage the roof and the sides of the home causing leaks as well as unattractive water marks. If the roof is made of wood or some other vulnerable material, it can rot and become structurally weak. Gutter guards help prevent this from happening.

This is also true of the sides of a home and any beams used to hold the building together. Light or severe water damage can add up in repair costs.

Gutter Guards For Safety

Another reason to consider a gutter guard system is to help make maintenance easier. Cleaning gutters can be dangerous work, especially for someone who does not do it every day.

Climbing a ladder then using both hands to remove debris can be particularly tricky just as settling on a rooftop can have its own hazards. Hiring a professional to do the job can begin to add up. With gutter guards installed, maintenance time and costs are majorly reduced.

Using a gutter guard system can help prevent many of these problems and save lots of time and money that would otherwise go toward repairs and replacements. Gutters should remove water problems, not contribute to them.

Whether a homeowner is looking to save money or just make the process of maintaining the gutters more convenient, Leafbusters' gutter guards are one of the easiest and most cost effective solutions.

For more information on gutter guards, contact us Leafbusters today.

Save Time and Money with Gutter Guards

Gutter Guards OnlineKeeping one’s residence free from water damage is essential to minimizing repair costs and maintaining the value of a home over time.

That is why every cost-conscious homeowner knows it is important to purchase gutter guards

Gutter guards divert water away from a building’s roof and sides, thereby preventing leaks, rotten wood, and other damages that can result from too much standing water.

Gutter Guards - Freedom from Debris

As those who have rain gutters on their homes understand, keeping gutters clear of debris such as leaves, twigs, and other materials is key to ensuring that these gutters do their job properly.

Accumulated debris prevents the free-flowing of water, leading to gutter overflows that damage roofs and other parts of a building's structure. Moreover, wet debris can weigh gutters down, causing them to become separated from the building and tear at its underlying structure.

Gutter guards can prevent this accumulation of debris thus saving homeowners time and money on gutter cleaning and repair.

A gutter guard is a special panel that can be installed on a gutter to block leaves, twigs, and other materials from falling into the gutter trough and getting stuck.

Gutter Guards for Convenience

These gutter guards are very convenient because without them, homeowners must periodically get on a ladder and clear the debris out of their gutters by hand or pay someone else to do the time-consuming service for them.

Gutter guards prevent most debris from accumulating in a home’s gutters, thereby lessening the frequency with which these rain-diverting devices must be cleaned, if not eliminating the need for such cleaning altogether.

Thus, it is easy to see how these shields can save homeowners much time and money.

Gutter guards may also save a homeowner money in that by keeping gutters free of debris, they also prevent these gutters from becoming overfilled with water.

This means gutter guards will keep a gutter from tearing away from the side of the house and from spilling water on areas that might get water damage. Consequently, wise homeowners will always buy enough gutter guards to protect their properties from harm.

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Prevent Damage Using a Gutter Guard System