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No Mould in Homes with Gutter Guards

gutter-guardsOne of the major benefits of gutter guards is that they can protect your home from mould and from all the dangers associated with it.

Most people do not even realise how dangerous the fungi growing on hard surfaces can be.

They can cause damage to your house and to the health of the people that you love.

However, you can eliminate all of these risks with effective gutter protection.

Gutter Guards Prevent Moisture

The gutter protection system works very simply. It is designed to prevent debris from falling inside the drain channel and blocking it. As the cover, is positioned at an angle, the debris actually fall down on the ground.

The result is a flawlessly working drain system.

Rainwater will not enter your house, when you have gutter guards in place. It will not go down the walls creating the perfect medium for mould formation.

If the walls are damp, these fungi will inevitably multiply and spread all over your home. They will cover not only the walls, but also the floors, rugs and furniture.

Gutter Guards Prevent Mould Damage and Protect Health

Mould does not only give a nasty appearance to surfaces. It works to damage them as well. Paint and wood, in particular, are at the highest risk of getting damaged.

It is extremely difficult to remove mould once it has found its place on the surface of an object. Hence, you will have to invest in either rigorous cleaning or in the replacement of the damaged items.

You will not have to go though this trouble if you have gutter guards in place as they will prevent the formation of mould effectively. Just imagine how much you will be able to save in the long term by investing in the installation of a gutter protection system now.

Mould places a serious risk on the health of all inhabitants of the house. Needless to say, the risk is the highest for babies and small children.

When mould spores enter the human respiratory system they can cause sneezing and coughing. The long-term presence of mould can lead to serious allergies.

The sufferers may develop asthma. Their respiratory systems and their lungs, in particular, could be permanently damaged.

To help eliminate this problem, consider adding gutter guards to your home; the benefits are multiple. For more information, or for a free quote, contact us at Leafbusters today!


What Makes Plastic The Ideal Material For Gutter Guards

How Gutter Guards Can Save You Money

gutter-guardIt is natural to ask yourself whether your investment in gutter guards will pay off.

The reality is that it will. In fact, it will pay off quite quickly.

You just need to consider how a gutter protection system saves you money to get an idea how much you will save in the long term and how fast your investment will pay off exactly.

Gutter Guards and Home Protection

Without a gutter protection system in place, the drain channel can easily get clogged and rainwater can enter your home. It can easily damage the roof, the walls and the entire structure of the house.

This will inevitably lead to costly maintenance and repairs. Homeowners in Australia spend millions of dollars every year on repairing roof shingles, replacing timber and removing mould from their property.

You can save on home maintenance and repair costs in the long term if you use the right gutter guards. When the clogging of the drain channel is effectively prevented and its full capacity is preserved, your house will not suffer from damage caused by rainwater.

Pests and termites, in particular, can cause considerable damage to all structures in the house and primarily to timber. You may have to replace timber elements on a regular basis and this can cost you thousands of dollars per year.

This type of expense is not covered by home insurance. Many people do not know that clogged gutters pose a great risk of termite infestation as they allow water to damage the timber and walls.

As gutter guards prevent moisture from affecting the structure of your house, they work effectively to prevent termite infestation. That way, they can save you a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on timber replacement and on fighting the pests invading your home.

Gutter Guards and Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning your gutters may cost hundreds of dollars, especially if you have a big house. You have to ask yourself whether you can afford to incur this expense several times a year.

If you live in an area with frequent rainstorms and a lot of trees, the gutter of your house may have to be cleaned even more often. Do the math to see how much you will spend on cleaning in the coming five years.

Once gutter guards are installed, they will serve their purpose effectively without the need of cleaning. This means that you automatically save hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars a year in the long term.

Gutter guards are a wise investment for any home. To learn more about these systems, or to get your free quote, contact us at Leabusters Australia today!

No Mould in Homes with Gutter Guards

Protect Your Home from Dangerous Birds and Rodents with a Gutter Guard

gutter-guardBy having a professionally installed gutter guard system, you not only prevent water damage and
mould, but also save your home from dangerous and invasive wild animals like birds and rodents.

They pose all sorts of threats, and are not very easy to remove.

Make sure your house is adequately protected so you can keep safe the people you love.

How a Gutter Guard Keeps Birds and Rodents Away

The main component of the gutter guard system by Leafbusters is the gutter mesh. When installed, this mesh
extends from the roof, all the way to the outer lip of the gutter. It literally blocks the entry of birds, which traditionally find gutters cosy and safe to nest it.

The eggs and young of birds attract rodents and even possums, so the risk of such animals invading your house by the roof is eliminated as well. Generally, the mesh works as a barrier against all kinds of animals, so the protection is two-fold.

Gutter guard mesh from Leafbusters is extremely strong and durable making it impossible for a bird or rat to make a hole in it or to tear it. The mesh cannot entrap animals either. The holes are extremely tiny so they eliminate this risk completely.

A Gutter Guard Protects Your Home from Damage

Keeping birds and rodents away can save you a lot of money and hassle. The droppings of birds,in particular, are acidic and can easily destroy any metal and limestone structures apart from making them look ugly. Reduce possible risk to your car, and garage by having guards installed.

Rats eat on literally everything they can find around the house. They can easily destroy books, wood objects and even items made from thin metal sheets. You can protect your belongings simply by having gutter mesh installed.

Both birds and rodents spread disease through their droppings, which can contaminate drinking water and food. Debris from bird nests, feathers and debris from dead animals are also sources of dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Further, rodents and birds may carry lice, ticks, mites and bed bugs which are dangerous to humans as well as to house pets.

To give you peace of mind, and improve the safety of your home, consider putting in a gutter guard system in place. It will give you long term protection and ease any concerns for your family.

For more information about this great product, contact us at Leafbusters today for a free quote!

How Gutter Guards Can Save You Money

How a Gutter Guard Protects Your Property from Water Damage

Each year thousands of homeowners make costly repairs to their homes required due to rainwater damage.

With the right gutter guard system in place, you can avoid any such issues and save considerably on home maintenance.

With a one-time investment, you can protect your home for years to come.

A Gutter Guard: Simplicity of Operation

The reality is that the gutter guard system works very simply. It is designed to prevent debris from entering the drain channel and from clogging it. The really great thing about the Leafbusters system is that its mesh has tiny holes which do not allow even small leaves and twigs inside the gutter.

What is even better is that the debris does not remain on top of the protective cover. Since the mesh is installed at an angle following the angle of your roof, the leaves, twigs and other materials will just slide down naturally with the help of gravity and of the wind. Basically, with the right gutter guard system you will never have to clean your gutter again.

Without a gutter guard system in place, rainwater may remain on the roof. It is true that most roofing materials are quite strong and sturdy, but they will get worn out eventually as the water and the sun damage their surface slowly, but steadily. Rainwater will find its way in between the roof shingles and damage them from the inside out as well. The microorganisms forming in it will speed up the decay.

Gutter Guard: Protection from Timber Damage and Mould

The rainwater will eventually find its way inside your home as well, if gutter guard protection is not in place. It will cause the rotting of all timber structures including the ones in the foundation of your house. Even if the wood gets dry eventually, the expansion caused by the presence of the water and the contraction due to the drying will affect its internal structure. It will be more prone to damage and breaking.

It is true that water cannot damage bricks, stone and concrete that easily. However, these surfaces are ideal for the formation of mould when water is present. Mould grows and spreads extremely quickly and it is really hard to remove. It will not only damage the surfaces it is present on eventually. It increases the risk of allergies and respiratory infections.

Installing a gutter guard system will reduce the risk of mould forming in all areas of your home including the attic and the basement considerably. It will not only help protect your house, but your family as well.

For more information or to request a free quote please click below.

Protect Your Home from Dangerous Birds and Rodents with a Gutter Guard

Gutter Guard Systems and Saving Water

Installing a gutter guard system has many and different benefits. One of them is more efficient water conservation.

Collecting rainwater drained via the gutter system has been done for years in many of the desert and grassland regions of Australia where water is scarce.

However, more and more people in all parts of the country realise the importance and benefits of this activity.

Collecting More Rainwater

By collecting and using rainwater, you will not only save considerably on your utility bills. You will help for the preservation of the natural supplies of water which become scarcer by the day.

Basically, by making your small contribution you will improve the wellbeing of everyone in your area and of the future generations. You are certainly asking yourself how a gutter guard system can help you with rainwater collection and water conservation in general.

When you have a gutter guard system in place, more rainwater will go down the drain channel and into the tank where it gets collected. Since there will be no debris clogging the channel, you can expect to have much more rainwater at your disposal. You can use it more efficiently to water the plants in your garden and to wash your car.

Collecting Cleaner Rainwater

The debris that fall on your roof gutter will remain stuck in it. This will create a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and pathogens. Inevitably, these tiny organisms will go into the rainwater which you collect for domestic use. This may lead to problems.

If there is a gutter guard system in place, it will allow for the leaves, twigs and other plant material to just slide down. The drain channel will be perfectly clean. The same applies to the rainwater that travels to the tank in which you collect it. When the water is clean, you will be able to use it for many more things than just plant irrigation and car washing.

The rainwater collected when a gutter guard system is in place can be used safely indoors. You can use it to flush your toilet, to clean your house and to wash your clothes. It is safe to use even for showering and bathing. If you use rainwater for all of these activities and in the garden, you will be able to save as much as 95 per cent of the mains water supplied to your home. This can save you hundreds of dollars a year.

Installing a gutter guard system will help you save water, protect your house from damage and prevent you from the dangerous job of cleaning the drain channel yourself. It is certainly worth it.

For more information or to get your free quote please click below.

 How a Gutter Guard Protects Your Property from Water Damage

Three Unsung Benefits of Gutter Guards

gutter-guardsThe use of gutter guards for both home maintenance and rooftop drainage protection is certainly growing in popularity.

Homeowners everywhere are enjoying the ease and convenience that these systems provide.

They are the perfect way to keep aging family members off of tall ladders and to keep an ideal roof environment for maintaining gutters, downspouts and all other aspects of rooftop drainage systems.

Remarkably, however, gutter protection can do much more than just that; there are three major benefits that these protection systems can provide that go largely unsung.

Odor and Virus Elimination with Gutter Guards

Few people consider it until they face it, but the wet decay of leaf matter and other debris does indeed have its own odor. This is especially true on rooftops that receive irregular or no maintenance at all.

This molding, damp smell can make it unpleasant to open windows on warm days and can be a major attraction to both insects and animals.

In areas where viruses being transmitted from insects to humans is an issue, gutter guards are an absolute necessity. Standing water and moist accumulations of rooftop debris can become the perfect grounds for breeding for mosquitos.

Where viruses of this nature have become prevalent, eradicating areas of standing water and wet debris is vital for preventing transmission. Even where viruses are not a threat, however, mosquitos can be very annoying pests.

Thus, these systems are not only an effective measure for protecting roof drainage, but they are also an ideal measure to take against insects and the formation of rooftop colonies.

Gutter Guards Offer Fire Protection

Few people consider fire protection as being a benefit that gutter guards can provide but in reality, they do much in helping people to eliminate the potential for fires. Wet accumulations will rapidly become dry accumulations in the hot temperatures of the summer heat and in areas with a high potential for dry brush fires, this can be exceedingly dangerous.

In Australia of all places, this can be a serious issue. However, no matter the weather, gutter protection can be beneficial in some way.

As a home protection measure, the installation of gutter guards can be an exceedingly advantageous decision. It can also be one that rapidly pays for itself in the savings that it can generate in terms of roof repairs and more costly forms of maintenance.

While many people commonly cite the major benefits of this product, there are numerous unsung benefits that await their recognition. To gain more information, or to discuss the process of having professionals install a gutter guard system at your home, contact us at Leafbusters today.


Gutter Guard Systems and Saving Water

Why Choose Gutter Guards?

gutter-guardsHome owners know the particular issues that come with owning their own property.

Unfortunately, many tend to pop up in areas that are often forgotten. Take, for example, the gutters.

Most individuals forget about them until it comes time for cleaning, and then do what they can to forget about them again when the arduous cleaning process is actually finished.

In reality, the gutters can be the source of quite a few problems for your home. If however, you want to avoid the problems that the gutters may cause you, you should take the time to invest in gutter guards.

These simple products can be quite helpful.

Gutter Guards are Useful

Gutter guards are quite useful for those that are actually concerned about the exterior of their home. If you have ever spent a day cleaning out your gutters, you know how terribly they can become clogged.

Any sort of yard debris, from leaves to any small sticks, can eventually find its way into your gutters. Without gutter guards to protect them, they can eventually become quite clogged.

In the middle of a downpour, a clogged gutter is a horrible thing to have. In fact, it could even be considered somewhat of a liability. In a few short hours, such a gutter can not only fail to carry water away from your home, but it can come crashing down from the weight of water and debris.

Installing Gutter Guards

If you are concerned about such a circumstance occurring, you should certainly look into the purchase and installation of gutter guards. The product might have an associated cost, but it is certainly far outweighed by the benefits.

You can not only protect your home with this product, but you also have a chance to prevent various issues that might impact your standard of living. From cutting down on insect infestations to helping to control mould problems, gutter guards are a product that can help homeowners to keep their families safe and their homes in top condition.

To gain more information about the benefits of having a gutter guard system at home, or to get your free quote, take the time to contact us at Leafbusters today.

Three Unsung Benefits of Gutter Guards


Advantages of Gutter Guards and the Role They Play in a Building

gutter-guardsGutter guards are an important part of a building’s roofing.

In Australia, it is important to install a gutter guard system that will not demand maintenance and one that would be able to keep out debris and leaves from the spouting.

Our gutter guards do not require maintenance, so they are perfect for our conditions.

More often than not, people unknowingly install a gutter guard system that is simply unable to keep the debris and leaves out.

This greatly reduces the lifespan of the spouting not to mention the irreparable damage to the fascia as well as the entire building.

Beneficial Gutter Guards

One of the principle uses of the gutter guard is the delivery of clean and healthy rainwater that can be used for various cleaning tasks in the average household and in some cases for drinking.

Our gutter guard system screens out all forms of debris and leaves such as those belonging to the gum tree.

They also help stop rodents from damaging the property. They keep out rats, possums and birds from the roofing and spouting.

There are many additional advantages to having a gutter guard system, including;
  • They eliminate the need for regular gutter cleaning which can be dangerous due to the kind of heights involved.
  • They extend the guttering downpipes life considerably.
  • Improve the quantity and quality of the water collected.
  • Fire resistance – We have a range of gutter guards that do not pose fire hazards especially in the event of a bushfire. Some gutter guard systems can melt, but ask us about our specially designed fire resistant gutter guards, specially designed for Australian conditions.

Avoid the high maintenance of your gutters today! Many of our clients were sick of cleaning out there gutters.

They faced removing possum/birds droppings, twigs, leaves and dust which would combine to form sludge that was blocking their gutter system. This type of sludge cannot simply be washed away by rain.

If you face similar regular maintenance of your gutter system then get in touch. We can help.

Ask for a free quote or more information today from Leafbusters Australia.


Why Choose Gutter Guards?

How Gutter Guards Can Improve Your Home

gutter-guardsThere are many reasons why you would consider getting gutter guards for your home.

Gutter protection is a crucial aspect to your overall home maintenance routine.

Using guards to keep out leaves and other debris can make maintaining your gutters and your home structure much easier.

It can also save you lots of time and money since you will not have to spend so much time cleaning your gutters in the conventional way.

Manage Debris with Gutter Guards

It is usually inevitable that your gutters can become filled with leaves, pine needles and debris. A gutter guard system can block most of these items and keep your gutters functioning as they should.

When your gutters become clogged, they can retain wet debris and cause the water that is supposed to run out of the gutters to set on your home structure and weaken it with leaks and possibly mould and mildew.

Wet debris can also have another adverse effect on your home structure. The gutter can become too heavy and detach from the structure.

Not only is this unsightly, but it is also damaging. You may need to invest in repainting the home as well as repairing any other kinds of damage that weakens the wood or other material on your home frame.

Installing Gutter Guards

We simply install our durable gutter guard systems over the top of your existing gutters. Our guards are made of high quality durable mesh and come in a large range of colours.

This way you can match the guards to your home so that they are not obtrusive to your motif or theme. We highly recommend getting in touch with us to chat about the functionality of our gutter guard system.

You will find that gutter guards are much safer than leaving your gutters opened because you do not have to climb a ladder or sit on your roof to clean your gutters. You also do not have to pay a professional to clean your gutters, which can add up in costs after a while.

These are only some of the benefits you can get when you choose the right guards for your gutters. Contact us today at Leafbusters to find out more and request a free quote.


Advantages of Gutter Guards and the Role They Play in a Building

Safeguard the Ones You Love with the Gift of Gutter Guards

gutter-guardsOne of the greatest responsibilities of adulthood is often ensuring the health and livelihood of your parents.

As these cherished family members grow older and less able to perform many of the essential and routine home maintenance tasks, it becomes necessary for their adult children to find affordable and feasible ways to reduce the risk of injury associated with performing routine home maintenance.

This too, must be accomplished without impinging upon the freedom and of these often dedicated and fiercely independent homeowners. Giving your parents the gift of gutter guards is a phenomenal way to extend the lifetime of their roofs and gutter systems while eliminating the potential for rooftop accidents and falls.

Gutter Guards Eliminate The Need For Laborious And Dangerous Forms Of Home Maintenance

Nothing can be more stress-inducing than watching an elderly parent attempt to navigate a ladder in order to reach the rooftop. Maintaining the gutter systems in your own home is taxing enough, but without a working solution for both properties, you will likely have to regularly clean out the gutters at both your own home and that of your parents.

Purchasing a gutter guard system ensures that these residences are well-cared for throughout the years and that all rooftop drainage systems remain free and clear of debris. Not only will comprehensive gutter protection eliminate the need for taxing forms of manual maintenance, but the will reduce the costs associated with long term roof maintenance and repairs.

When the gutter systems are functioning optimally, homeowners can rest assured that very few roof issues are likely to arise.

Gutter Guards are the Best Investment For Elderly Homeowners

Few people know the best gifts to purchase aging adults. At this time of life, however, many individuals will greatly respect the practical investment of a gutter system.

For these individuals, such a gift can provide them with the freedom and ability to maintain full responsibility for their home maintenance. This is a great way to salute their independence while ensuring that your parents enjoy the utmost in convenience and safety.

Gutter guards are the final piece in a comprehensive system for drainage and roof maintenance. Homeowners are now coming to understand these shields as a very vital component for ensuring the lasting integrity and functionality of residential drainage structures.

Fore more information, or to get your free quote, click on the link below.


How Gutter Guards Can Improve Your Home