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Gutter Guard - The Importance of Professional Installation

gutter-guardThe investment in a gutter guard system is certainly worthwhile as it will work to prevent rainwater damage to the structures of your house and the formation of mould on the walls and ceilings.

In order for the system and all of its components to work effectively, it needs to be installed by professionals who are knowledgeable and experienced.

Sometimes, homeowners underestimate the importance of professional gutter guard installation and this is a mistake. Find out why this is the case.

Gutter Guard: Effective Performance

The gutter guard system consists of mesh covers which are attached to the roof and to the outer edge of the gutter. Before they are installed, they have to be measured and cut into appropriate pieces. Their installation requires the use of specific tools and materials so that they stay firmly in place and continue to do their job in the long term.

If you opt for DIY installation, there are a lot of risks involved. Firstly, if you install the mesh inappropriately, you may need more of it than you have expected. This will slow down your work and force you to incur additional costs.

The biggest risk of improper gutter guard installation is that the system may not work efficiently. If you leave some part of the gutters uncovered, they can still get clogged. If the mesh cover is not firmly fixed, it may get detached and this will also pose a risk for gutter blockage and flooding.

The gutter protection system will work flawlessly when it has been professionally installed. You will receive a guarantee in confirmation for this. The system will not require any maintenance or care on your part in order to work. The leaves will slide off the mesh cover and only rainwater will get inside the gutters. There will be no operational, maintenance and repair costs involved.

Gutter Guard Installation and Your Safety

The professional installation of these systems is done by professionals who are OHS trained. They have the knowledge and equipment necessary to ensure their safety when working on your roof.

If you decide to do the job yourself, you will have to invest in such equipment in the first place. Even if you do this, there will still be a great risk of an accident given that you lack knowledge and experience in using it. There is no point in risking your wellbeing and life in this situation.

Let the pros take care of gutter guard installation. They will do the job quickly and effectively. The new system will start working straight away and will continue its flawless operation in the long term.

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Why Country Houses Require Gutter Guards

Gutter Guard Financial Benefits

gutter-guardBefore you decide to invest in a gutter guard system, you would certainly like to learn how this investment will pay itself off and what benefits it will bring to you.

The basic analysis shows that the benefits are times greater than the investment that you make. They can be divided into two equally important categories.

Gutter Guard and Savings

With the installation of a gutter guard system on your roof, you will be able to save on both house maintenance and repairs. This protection system is self operating and self cleaning. It requires no maintenance whatsoever. You will not spend on gutter cleaning ever again. The protection system increases the useful life of gutters by two to three times. This will generate considerable savings on gutter maintenance and repairs.

The main job of the gutter guard system is to prevent rainwater damage to the roof, walls, ceilings and foundation of your home and it does it well. You can readily calculate how much you will be able to save on maintenance and repairs. The savings are usually quite high especially in homes with predominantly timber structures.

The gutter protection system works to prevent mould caused by moisture and the entry of birds and possums into the gutters. These valuable functions of the system will save you money on mould treatment, bird proofing devices and repairs associated with damage caused by bird droppings and scavenging done by possums.

Gutter Guard and Property Value Increase

Houses which are effectively protected from rainwater damage, mould and pests will certainly grow in value over time. You do not have to be a property expert to figure out that such buildings are safer and more cost-efficient and this naturally boosts their appeal and consequently their market value.

The gutter protection system will work to preserve the beautiful looks of both the interior and the exterior of the house. A perfect roof and a charming facade may not seem like major property value boosters, but the reality is that they are important competitive advantages.

You can readily capitalise on the increased value of your home without selling it. You can readily take out more affordable home equity loans to finance major purchases, for instance.

There is hardly any other home improvement solution that will generate such great savings and increase the value of your property that significantly. The really great thing is that your gutter guard system will work in the long term as well. It is perfectly weather resistant and strong. It has a useful life of over two decades.

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Gutter Guard - The Importance of Professional Installation

Bird Proofing Australia

Being a homeowner, maintaining the value of your home is one of the difficult challenges you have to deal with over time. You can’t avoid spending a sizeable amount of money for repairs, whether it’s a leaky faucet and water pipes or an air conditioning not functioning well. However, there are things you can do in order to lessen the number of repairs you have to do around the house.

Start with bird proofing.

It seems like birds are harmless creatures. However, they tend to live on the most adventurous places or channels. Aside from living on trees and bird houses most birds love to build nests on chimneys, attic vents, and gutters. With birds living undetected on your gutter, it will cause a serious damage to the structure. How? Excess debris from their nests will prevent water from passing through the gutter that will eventually cause flooding around the base. During the winter, it can cause ice and icicles to form which can tear the gutter from the roof.

So, what is the best solution? What is an effective bird proofing method? The best way to bird proofing your home is by installing our gutter guards. These will help repel leaves and other debris from getting stuck on the gutters and at the same time, it will deter prospective nesters from lurking in these places. Installing gutter guards for bird proofing will make your gutters free from small insects and seeds that usually attract birds and other creatures to live inside these channels.

The Advantage of Bird Proofing Your Home

Installing gutter guards is the best bird proofing system for your home. Here are some of the reasons why you should install gutter guards to bird proof your home:

1. Prevents damage. Pests are not attracted to homes with gutter guards since seeds and insects are eliminated from the channels. The mesh cover will prevent the birds from getting inside the channel to build a nest. Now that the gutters are clean and clogged free, it will only require basic cleaning without major repairs.

2. Saves a lot of money. Aside from providing bird proofing protection, installing our gutter guards offer monetary benefits because it does not require operational costs. There is no need to clean and repair them once properly installed. Aside from that, these products can last for 10-25 years, providing you with long-term benefits.

3. Increased Home Value. A well-maintained home will get a high value and will attract a lot of potential buyers. Installing an effective bird proofing system will help protect the house from potential damages that birds and other creatures may cause, and then will increase its value in the market. What does it mean? The increase in the value of your home will allow you to make greater use of its equity.

It’s time to bird proof your property. The nest, the droppings and the destruction on the foundation of your home as well as the diseases they carry will cost you thousands of money. Fight back by bird proofing your property. There are different ways and techniques in order to install our gutter guards from expensive to moderately expensive roofing systems that will maintain the value of your home. Leafbusters can offer more information and a free, no obligation quote.

Gutter Guard Financial Benefits

How Gutter Guards Protect the Environment

gutter-guardsWhen you have gutter guards in place, you protect your home and your family.

You protect the environment as well. In fact, with such a system for preventing the clogging of gutters, your home becomes greener in more ways than one.

Read on to discover the many benefits.

Gutter Guards for Clean Water

Have you ever asked yourself what happens to the water that goes through your gutter system? If it uses gutter guards, the rainwater flows quickly from the roof to the ground. It is pure and fresh.

If there is not a protective system in place it will have to go through a mixture of decaying leaves, bird droppings and dead insects and possibly other dead animals.

This mixture produces various kinds of harmful organic chemicals apart from being a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses which can harm your family members.

The harmful chemicals go into the soil and then into the water basins such as rivers and lakes.

The problem becomes worse when the gutters are made from metal or from another material which gets damaged easily and produces harmful substances. If rust gets into the water, the water becomes dangerous for all living things and not only for people.

When gutter guards are installed, the risk of rainwater contamination is reduced to a minimum. In fact, if you collect this rainwater it will be suitable for household use.

You simply need to place containers underneath the bottom openings of the gutter system and you can have an effectively working rain harvesting system.

Gutter Guards for Saving Energy

With gutter guards, you can save water and consequently energy. It has been estimated that the process of treatment, delivery and warming of water used by an average household on an annual basis consumes as much energy as a large refrigerator consumes for two months.

The energy savings may seem small but the reality is that every bit counts. Besides, the savings get accumulated with time.

There are other ways in which you save energy with gutter guards. The ultimate purpose of the protection system is to prevent the damage of the timbers, walls and foundations of your home. It protects the insulation which has been used, if any.

When the structure of your home is in its optimal condition, you will use a lot less energy for heating and cooling. The greater energy efficiency reduces your bills and your carbon footprint as well.

There are long term environmental benefits for using gutter guards. You help with sustainable development and the preservation of the natural environment and its resources for the future generations.

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Gutter Protector - A Quick Cost Benefit Analysis

How a Gutter Guard Protects Your Family

gutter-guardYou probably know that a gutter guard protects your house from water damage.

The reality is that the inhabitants also get protection from various perils. Your family will be better off with a gutter protective mesh in place.

You will provide for their wellbeing in more ways than one. Read on to find out what they are.

Gutter Guard: Mould and Pest Protection

What would happen if there was not a gutter guard in place? The gutter gets clogged and water starts to spill over. It creeps down the timbers and walls into the house.

The moisture remains inside the structure and mould starts to appear on the walls and ceilings. Mould does not only look nasty. It can cause allergies, especially in children, thus negatively impact on family members with respiratory conditions such as asthma.

A gutter guard reduces the risk of mould formation considerably. Your home offers a much better living environment to the people that you love.

When a gutter guard is installed, pests cannot invade your roof and your home. There will be no water pools inside the gutters so they will not become a breeding ground for water-breeding insects, bacteria and viruses.

Similarly, birds will not find food and shelter inside the gutters and you will be protected from the pathogens which they often bring with them.

Both the indoor and outdoor area of your home will be safer for everyone and particularly for the kids. They can play around freely.

You can prepare great barbeque and throw parties outdoors without worrying that the dinner may get contaminated.

Gutter Guard: Fire Protection

When you install a gutter guard made from a fire retardant material, you lower the risk of your house getting on fire. You provide a higher level of protection for your family and give them more time to escape.

As the guard prevents leaves and other vegetation from staying on the roof and in the gutters, the risk of inflammable material piling up is reduced to zero. Even if a flying ember falls on the gutter protector, it will slide down and/or burn down without causing any damage whatsoever.

Your family will be much safer with a gutter guard. It is important to use a good quality protection system which works well and which will continue to work well in the long term.

Make sure that it is fire retardant to increase the level of safety for the people that you love.

To learn more, or to get a free, no obligation quote, contact us at Leafbusters today.

How Gutter Guards Protect the Environment

The Importance of Professional Gutter Guard Installation

gutter-guardThe popularity of DIY home improvement and maintenance has increased in recent years, but gutter guard installation is certainly not a DIY project.

The highest level of protection can be achieved only if the system is installed professionally following all the rules of construction.

You do not have to have technical knowledge to realise the importance of having the system put in place by people who specialise in this.

Installing a Gutter Guard

The gutter guard mesh panels have to be attached correctly to your roof. There are many differing types of roofing and the installation will depend on their specifics.

If you have a tiled roof, the panels will have to go in between the tiles. If you have a corrugated one, metal clips will be required for holding the panels in place. 

It is crucial for the panels to be at the right angle so that the debris can fall off naturally when they are blown by the wind. The entire installation requires not only professional skills, but also tools and materials which are not typically found in the home.

A professional will come up with an effective solution for any gutter guard system installation problem. What will happen if standard metal clips cannot be used on your roof or if the gutter corners are not perfectly aligned and cannot be easily covered with the protection mesh?

You may have to replace the clips and search for new ones for ages or use up more material than you have got at hand. Save yourself the added time, money and effort.

The professional gutter guard installer will do the job without much hassle and the end result will be perfect and you will get the ultimate protection.

Gutter Guard Guarantee

Professional gutter guard installation comes with a guarantee. Even if the slightest problem occurs, you will be able to call the professionals and have it fixed timely and adequately.

You will never have to worry about getting stuck with a malfunctioning or a completely useless system. Of course, not all professional installers offer the same kind of quality and the same kind of guarantee.

With Leafbusters, you will receive a 10-year guarantee on the workmanship. It comes in addition to the 20-year guarantee on the materials.

You can be certain that the system will continue to work flawlessly for years to come by using the professional gutter guard installation services of Leafbusters.

For more information, or to get your free, no obligation quote, contact us at Leafbusters today!

How a Gutter Guard Protects Your Family

Gutter Guard - Protection from Birds and Rodents

gutter-guardUnfortunately, the activities of animals, even if they are beautiful and friendly like most birds, can be detrimental to your property and possibly to the people living on it.

With a gutter guard system in place, many of the risks can be eliminated or considerably reduced. It is worth looking at how animals can cause damage to your home and how this can be prevented with the use of gutter protection.

Gutter Guard Rodent Protection

Rodents and rats, in particular, can infest your house not only through the basement. They can climb up the gutter system and enter through the roof.

It is common for rodents to be attracted to the drain system if other animals have left food there. Once they find their way in the house, you can expect them to remain there for as long as they can find food and this should not be very hard given that these animals feed even on paper.

A gutter guard will cover the entire opening of the drain channel. In fact, the mesh goes from the edge of the gutter onto the roof where it is attached in between the shingles or with the help of metal clips.

Basically, there is no way in which any mouse, rat or other rodent can get inside your home from the top.

Gutter Guard Bird Protection

Birds find gutters extremely attractive for laying their nests. This is because the drain systems offer natural protection from the elements and from predators.

Even though these creatures are charming, they can leave guano everywhere and distort the looks of your lovely house. Sometimes birds can spread disease as well. When birds lay eggs, this food can attract other animals including rodents.

When you put a gutter guard system in place, the risk of a bird nesting inside the drain channel will be reduced to zero. As the cover goes over the entire gutter, there will simply be no space for the bird to settle in.

You will have a nice and clean house and your pets and family members will be protected from possible health risks.

A gutter guard system will give you protection from all kinds of wild animals including possums which can sometimes cause greater trouble than common rodents and birds.

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The Importance of Professional Gutter Guard Installation

Gutter Guards vs Gutter Cleaning

As a good homeowner you have two options. You can either install gutter guards or clean the gutter of your house from debris on a regular basis.

Take a careful look at both options to decide which one is better for you.

Gutter Guards For Safety

The gutter guards are installed professionally and they will remain in their places doing their job for years and in the case of Leafbusters for decades. Once the system is installed, it will require no maintenance on your part. Hence, you will not have to climb a ladder and work on the roof.

If you decide to clean your gutter, you will have to do it on a regular basis. Depending on the area you live in and the type of vegetation present there, you may have to remove the debris from the drain channel monthly and possibly weekly. The cleaning involves not only hard work. It involves the risk of you falling down and getting seriously injured. The longer you work standing on a ladder the higher the risk of an injury is.

The purpose of gutter guards is to protect the drain channel from clogging completely. They not only help keep debris out of the channel. As the cover is installed at an angle, the debris can just slide down forced by gravity and by the wind. This means that the gutter will work at its full capacity. What is even better is that it will not require cleaning at all. You will enjoy the best possible gutter performance without any cleaning whatsoever.

The problem with gutter cleaning is that it is difficult as well as dangerous. You will have to literally scrape off the leaves sticking to the walls of the drain channel. You may even have to use tools. Besides, you will have to move the ladder every time you need to clean a new area. Generally, the task is time consuming and effort consuming.

Gutter Guards are Cost Effective

When you have gutter guards installed, you incur a one-time cost for the material used and for the professional installation service provided. The system will continue to work for years to come. In general, you can expect your investment to pay off in the short term.

If you decide to leave gutter cleaning to a professional, you will have to incur the cost of cleaning on a regular basis. This cost will inevitably grow with time due to fundamental economic factors such as inflation. Hence, you can expect to keep spending in the future and to spend more year after year.

Overall, gutter guards are safer, more effective and more cost-efficient compared to gutter cleaning.

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Prevention of Pest Infestation with a Gutter Guard System

gutter-guardYou should take all effective measures for preventing pest infestation including the installation of a gutter guard system.

Most people do not know this, but a clogged gutter can literally open the door of your home for termites and other types of ants.

These ants are extremely hard to get rid of and can cause serious damage to your house leading to a reduction in its value.

Gutter Guard Clogging and Pests

When you do not have a gutter guard system installed, debris can easily block the rainwater's way down the drain channel. As a result, it finds a way out down the wall of your home.

It can easily reach the basement. When water gets into a certain material, it causes its expansion. This is particularly applicable to wood.

When the material dries, it does not go back to its previous state and there are some cracks left. The cracks in the timber of your home are the ideal pathways for pests and termites, in particular, to infest it.

The rainwater in the walls of your home will leave small pores in all other materials as well. This will make the absorption of water from the soil much easier.

Termites, which naturally live in damp soil will then easily find and enter your home. Without a gutter guard system, the risk of your house becoming infested by pests is considerably higher.

Termites they feed on the timber of your house. As the timber gets damage, the entire structure may go down. It has been found that termites cause more damage to houses in Australia compared to floods, storms and fire combined.

You can avoid having to replace timber and having to fight the pests continuously just by placing a gutter guard system. It will prevent leaves from clogging the drain channel.

As the cover is positioned at an angle the leaves, twigs and other materials will fall down naturally. As a result, the gutter will be working at its full capacity and no rainwater will enter your home.

Saving with a Gutter Guard System

Typically, home insurance policies do not cover termite infestation and damage. This means that you will have to pay for timber replacement and for repelling the pests out of your pocket.

You can save all of the money that would go for these things just by installing the right gutter protection system.

With a gutter guard system in place, you will protect your home from pest infestation and save money. To get more information, or for your free quote, contact us at Leafbusters today!

Gutter Guards vs Gutter Cleaning

What Makes Plastic The Ideal Material For Gutter Guards

The purpose of gutter guards is to protect the drain channel from debris, which can block it and cause rainwater to overflow and damage important structures of your house.

However, this is not the only thing that you would want from the protection system installed on your gutters.

It has to last for long and continue to serve its purpose well in the long term. This is possible only with the ideal material for this type of construction system - plastic.

Plastic Gutter Guards Will Not Rust

Plastic does not rust. Gutter guards made from this material will not get damaged by the water flowing though them. This means that they will continue to serve their purpose for decades to come. The rainwater that flows though the system made from plastic will be perfectly safe to use for gardening, clothes washing and even for showering. This will not be the case, if there are rust particles in it. These can damage metal structures such as pipes and water taps and can pose health risks

Plastic is stronger and more durable than metal. Plastic will not get easily bended or damaged if pressure is applied on it and this is not the case with metal. A deformed metal piece can pose great danger to animals and people. More importantly, plastic gutter guards are not affected by the elements as quickly as their metal counterparts. Just imagine what will happen to a metal piece that is constantly exposed to the rain and the sun. It will become useless in a couple of years.

Gutter Guards With UV Protection

Plastic can be effectively protected from UV radiation. With time, the UV rays of the sun can damage literally every surface that is exposed to them. Unlike metal, plastic can receive a UV stabilizer that will protect it effectively from damage and destruction. The latest Leafbusters gutter guards have Carbon Black, which is one of the best UV stabilizers currently in use. You can be certain that they will continue to work flawlessly for decades.

Plastic is less expensive compared to metal. This is not because it is inferior, but because it is artificially created while metal is naturally occurring and scarcer. Furthermore, plastic gutter guards do not require any maintenance so you will save even more money with them. Metal pieces exposed to the elements, on the other hand, require regular application of coating that will have to become more frequent as time passes. This is not only costly, but also time and effort consuming.

It can be safely said that plastic gutter guards are the preferred option given their specific purpose.

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Prevention of Pest Infestation with a Gutter Guard System