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job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!
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Welcome to the new Website Revamp

Fortnightly I will be blogging from: “Thea’s Desk” – I have never blogged before, so here we are just doing it Thea’s way.  It may be a little serious, it may be a little light, but it’s certainly going to be fun!!!  Enjoy

For my first one, I really want to thank enormously our clients who purchased from us.  Most importantly the very first “guinea pigs” back in 1992 who had faith in us and this unchartered territory.  

Our product and service was quite unique and very much unknown.  Wow, your giant leap of faith in Leafbusters got us started on this wonderful adventure, and of course the rest is “history”  

Part of our Mission Statement goes like this: “To go where NO other Gutter Protection has dared to go”  And we did.  We started this gutter protection industry as it is known today.  We had no mentors, and no one to “copy”

As you know we designed this system for me because I was sick and tired of cleaning gutters, and not being able to collect clean rain water.  And there was no gutter guard on the market that worked!!

In entering the market place, our sales and marketing techniques, our fittings methodologies, our approach to you – the client was developed from listening to what YOU wanted.  So – thanks our dear customers you were my teachers and I learnt a lot from you.

Till next time,
Thea Groom - CEO and Founder