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job of gutter cleaning was difficult and somewhat dangerous. Thankfully Leafbusters has put an end to all that. A Great Product!
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3 Things to Consider When Choosing Gutter Protection

Do you want maintenance free gutter protection?

There are leaf guards, gutter guards and all sorts of gutter protection, however they are not all the same. Many are leaf meshes that are installed IN the gutter.

You cannot fix the problem of the gutter with the gutter.  In other words – it is advisable, and necessary to get the leaves to by-pass the guttering all together.  Most in gutter guards are a trap that collect the leaves and debris within them.  Therefore you must take out the gutter guard, clean it, clean gutters and then replace the product.  OR you can choose a fitted gutter protection system that creates a ski-slope that allows the leaves and debris to slide over it, past the gutter and onto the ground.


Metal gutter protection or a Plastic Product?

Metal or rather steel rusts, and often will rust its surrounding environment: your roof and or your gutters.  Aluminium corrodes. Electrolysis happens when 2 dissimilar metal are touching each other.  

Plastic: a good plastic product with high UV content will not rust nor corrode nor affect your roof and or guttering and will last a long time. It is also better for rain water collection. For fire danger areas, you can get a plastic gutter mesh that is also fire resistant.  Click this link to see more about our fire retarted mesh.


Quality versus Price?

We all know we get what we pay for. Leaf guards are NOT all made equal. Yes, you must balance the budget of course, however a most pressing question is: Value for Money.  Some-times cheap is cheap. The balance is to choose wisely and purchase gutter protection that will do the job you require, with a long working life and becomes a valuable addition to the home.